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February 28, 2024

Magnaheimer Nuclear Verdicts® Webinar

Ashley Paige Fetyko
Please join us for what promises to be timely & thought-provoking discussion: Nuclear Verdicts! Coming to a Court near you!
In Person
March 4-6, 2024

2024 Property Casualty Claims Seminar – Gen Re

Robert Tyson and Ashley Paige Fetyko
What are the top 5 trends and tactics the plaintiffs’ bar is using to drive Nuclear Verdicts®, and how can the insurance industry and their counsel respond to stop them? Join Bob Tyson, the author of the only playbook for the defense, and Ashley Fetyko, trial and...
March 06, 2024

CLM Webinar: Accept Responsibility or Pay the Nuclear Price: Top Trends and Takeaways from Analysis into 100 Nuclear Verdicts®

Robert Tyson and Ashley Paige Fetyko
Can you accept responsibility and get a defense verdict? And what happens if you refuse to accept any responsibility at all? In the three years since the No. 1 Amazon bestseller Nuclear Verdicts®: Defending Justice for All was published, the insurance industry has begun the necessary evolution to change the story and stop the madness.
In Person
March 13-14, 2024

7th Annual Women in Insurance Leadership ExecuSummit

Cayce E. Lynch
A New Era for Women in Leadership: How a Pop Star and a Doll Inspired Us to Be Fearless and Keep Our Sparkle (Unapologetically)
In Person
March 13, 2024

Zywave Casualty Insights Conference

Robert Tyson
Conference Keynote: Are YOU Causing Nuclear Verdicts®? If Not, Who Is? March 13, 2024 at 9:15am-10:00am ET   Plaintiffs’ counsel have convinced juries across the country to award billions of…
In Person
March 17-20, 2024

PLRB 2024 Claims Conference

E. Holland “Holly” Howanitz
Soft Skills for Hard Claims Situations
April 2-4, 2024

CLM 2024 Annual Conference

Cayce E. Lynch, Jennifer Akre, and Sitar Bhatt
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April 10, 2024

Want to Know Your Nuclear Verdict® Risk Score?

Robert Tyson
DATA CONFIRMS IT: Nuclear Verdicts® are everyone’s problem! 
May 17, 2024

West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar

Richard Somes
Stop Nuclear Verdicts, Collaborate, and Listen: How To Partner Creatively to Address Changing Juror Attitudes
In Person
June 13-16, 2024

Alabama Defense Lawyers Assoc 2024 Annual Meeting

Charles Lawrence
More info coming soon!
July 18-21, 2024

The Nuclear Verdicts Defense Institute

The only trial academy that teaches defense attorneys how to stop Nuclear Verdicts®!
In Person
July 24-26, 2024

APCIA Western Region General Counsel Conference

Robert Tyson and Cayce E. Lynch
More information coming soon! 
In Person
July 31-August 2, 2024

2024 Defense Lawyers Association of Wyoming 10th Annual Meeting

Michael D. Drews and Ashley Paige Fetyko
More info coming soon!

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