Nuclear Verdicts:

Defending Justice For All

By Robert F. Tyson, Jr.


Summary told by Bob:

This is the first book ever written for the defense on how to avoid runaway jury verdicts. I wrote this book because I care about fairness. I believe everyone has the right to a fair trial, not just plaintiff lawyers and their clients. Defendants are entitled to have a jury decide their case without being stirred with passion and bias by creative plaintiff lawyers.

This is the defense “playbook” for jus­tice. You will learn trial techniques to even the playing field for defendants seeking a fair trial. Every aspect of a civil jury trial will be covered, from voir dire to open­ing statements to witnesses and finally closing arguments. There is a formula for defeating plaintiff attorneys’ deceptive tactics and psychological gamesmanship, and you will learn it.

With full of 30 years of trial victories and personal experiences, this is a “how to” book. How to defend at trial. How to beat plaintiff attorneys at their own game. How to win.

It is time to bring an end to the epidem­ic of nuclear verdicts across our country. It is time for you to take back justice for all!

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Join Bob Tyson for a tour through his book, the first ever written for the defense industry, “Nuclear Verdicts: Defending Justice for All.” Bob will dive into important chapters of the book alongside expert co-speakers on the topic, in a six-part series lasting all summer long. Follow Bob as he guides us through the winding roads that mark the journey toward Justice for All.


Book Reviews


“Nuclear Verdicts Defending Justice for All is truly a transformational turning point for insurance professionals, corporate Risk Managers, insurance companies and defense Attorneys. This book should be required for any claims professional who is responsible for the resolution of liability claims, whether for an insurer or corporate client.”
Libby Evans
Senior Examiner – Broadspire

“… defense attorney Robert Tyson makes his case, rebuts the reptile, and provides a playbook to combat the tactics that are driving up verdicts. Bob’s book, “Nuclear Verdicts Defending Justice For All,” is an invaluable tool for anyone who is interested in the psychology behind these verdicts, and the trial tactics which can be used to minimize them.”
Shari E. Belitz, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer – Shari Belitz Communications, LLC & Chief Marketing Officer – Blueprint Trial Consulting LLC

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