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The innovative insurtech company, helping insurance carriers identify, manage, and reduce the risk of Nuclear Verdicts®. Using patent-pending AI technology, our software, NaVel™, matches key traits to your files to determine the likelihood your case could go nuclear!

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The “Special Forces” of Tyson & Mendes trial attorneys, supporting clients with high-risk cases that could result in Nuclear Verdicts®. TM HALO® partners have a strong track record of success. They are experienced litigators specializing in various industries and have a reputation for excellence. TM HALO® is called upon by insurance companies and corporations to handle their most complex cases throughout the country.

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A four-day educational program for experienced defense attorneys. Based on principles of the best-selling book Nuclear Verdicts®: Defending Justice for All, the Nuclear Verdicts Defense Institute teaches proven strategies to prevent Nuclear Verdicts® through presentations and practical activities. This is the chance for defense counsel to learn and practice these methods without clients or plaintiffs’ counsel watching!

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The Memories We Share Are the Greatest Treasure in Life: Or, Why Noneconomic Damages Are the Biggest Component of Nuclear Verdicts®

It was a cold Monday morning in January. He sat on the stairs and looked at the adjoining living room to his right. He saw an ornament on the floor where the Christmas tree stood a couple of weeks prior. He could still hear the giggling excitement of his kids opening their gifts. He...
2 weeks ago

Nuclear Verdicts® Tracker

Tyson & Mendes' Nuclear Verdicts® Tracker tracks cases driving the alarming trend in excessively large damages awarded by juries. These cases were defended by other law firms without using Tyson & Mendes' methods. Could the T&M methods have stopped these Nuclear Verdicts®? When applied correctly, YES!

February 14, 2024
Decedent suffered chronic pain, along with other issues, and was in the hospital for months. When she started vomiting, doctors treated the symptom but did not find the cause. She died due to an undiagnosed ulcer, which was found at autopsy. Her family sued. Jurors awarded $30 million.

February 9, 2024
Plaintiffs were forced to work as prostitutes when they were 15 and 17. They were often at a motel working, and they were drugged and had threats against their families. They sued multiple motels and hotels, as well as their owners. An arbitrator awarded $24.5 million.

February 9, 2024
Plaintiff swallowed a bone from a fish and was intubated. The intubation did not go as planned, and plaintiff was placed in a coma. He suffered seizures as well as other complications and was left with permanent damage. Jurors awarded $28.7 million.

February 6, 2024
Plaintiffs drank alkalinized water which was improperly alkalinized and resulted in the creation of a toxic chemical. One plaintiff had a liver transplant. Jurors awarded $100 million in punitive damages and more than $29 million in compensatory damages.

February 5, 2024
A quote with a racial slur was mistakenly attributed to plaintiff in a newspaper article. Plaintiff sued. Jurors awarded $25 million.

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