Complex Trial Team

Complex Trial Team

We resolve many cases before trial, but without a doubt, certain cases will go to a jury. As a trial powerhouse, Tyson & Mendes’ Complex Trial Team represents clients in their highest-risk and most complex courtroom disputes. The team is often “parachuted in” shortly before trial to successfully triage tense, high-stakes litigation. For this reason, we stand out for our superb ability to handle the most complicated, hotly contested trials in the country.

The Complex Trial Team has tried to jury verdict a wide variety of lawsuits, ranging from employment, professional liability, business and accounting fraud, significant real estate disputes, class actions, catastrophic injury, traumatic brain injury, complex regional pain syndrome, and wrongful death. The team also has a successful track record of jury trial experience in large loss cases.

Each member of the Complex Trial Team has received extensive training in the Tyson & Mendes methods for stopping Nuclear Verdicts®, and in turn, they now instruct others. Several members of the team are TM HALO® trial attorneys, parachuting in to work with our clients on their highest risk cases with the greatest potential for Nuclear Verdicts® and deliver justice.

The Complex Trial Team has tried lawsuits against some of the most well-known plaintiff’s attorneys in the country, including Nick Rowley, Gary Dordick, R. Rex Paris, Michael Alder, Rodger Dryer, Casey Geary, Taylor & Ring, and others. The Tyson & Mendes Complex Trial Team tries big cases against big name attorneys – and wins.

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Complex Trial Team Articles:

MICRA Rescued by Extraordinary Bipartisan Compromise

Author: Kevin Metros | July 22, 2022 1:18pm
A new effort by the persistent plaintiff’s bar to drastically change and gut significant provisions of MICRA was slated for the November 2022 ballot.  If passed, this ballot initiative would have had devastating consequences for California doctors...
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