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Sexual Abuse, Assault, & Molestation

Tyson & Mendes defends entities in which sexual abuse, assault, and/or molestation (SAM) is alleged. Attorneys in the SAM group represent schools, sports leagues, non-profit organizations, youth serving organizations, public entities and more. The firm handles some of the nation’s most sensitive, high-profile litigation with continued success.

Susan Oliver heads the SAM team where she has handled over 250 SAM cases and regularly speaks at conferences about the unique issues the defense faces in these cases. Tyson & Mendes understands the especially tense, high-stakes nature of this litigation, and provides clients with the consistent, responsive, and caring service needed to deliver outstanding results.

Professional Skaters Association Dismissed from High Profile Sexual Abuse Case: Defense Firm Tyson & Mendes Obtains Dismissal with Prejudice

May 10, 2022 2:49pm
NEW YORK (May 10, 2022) – Marking another victory for nationwide civil defense firm Tyson & Mendes LLP, a high-profile childhood sexual abuse lawsuit has been dismissed against the Professional Skaters Association (PSA), which was being sued by one-time Olympic hopeful Craig Maurizi for the unlawful sexual acts of a famed skating coach.

Tyson & Mendes Wins Sexual Abuse Case with Motion for Summary Judgment in Favor of School District: Los Angeles Judge Finds Elementary School District Not Negligent in Hire or Supervision of Former Employee

February 19, 2020 3:28pm
LOS ANGELES (February 10, 2020) – Marking another victory for nationwide civil defense firm Tyson & Mendes LLP, a motion for summary judgment has been granted by Hon. Deidre Hill in favor of an elementary school district in Los Angeles, which was being sued for the unlawful sexual acts of a former employee.

Susan Oliver Discusses How Employers Can Prevent Sexual Harassment

November 28, 2017 2:24pm
KOGO News - November 17, 2017 Sexual assault and harassment accusations are continuing to make national headlines, and employers large and small are on edge. Will someone from their organization be accused next? How can they protect their employees against unwanted sexual advances, and themselves against any legal ramifications, should an accusation arise? Tyson & Mendes Partner Susan Oliver joined KOGO AM 600’s San Diego Evening News Hour to talk about what employers should do to prevent these types of incidents from occurring in the workplace. Click to listen to her full interview.

Breaking Down New York’s Child Victims Act

Author: Harry Harrison | September 30, 2019 10:00am
In New York, 2019 has brought sweeping changes to the time limits applicable to matters arising from childhood sexual abuse. Through what is commonly known as the Child Victims Act (“CVA”), legal action for childhood sexual abuse will be available for longer periods of time and many civil cases previously barred by the passage of time may now be pursued by individuals alleging abuse suffered as children. New York is no longer one of the most...

California Case Law Update

Author: Emily Beck | March 4, 2019 9:00am
Westport Insurance Corp. v. California Casualty Management Co.[1] California’s Ninth Circuit recently affirmed that an excess insurer for a California school district had to cover $2.6 million of the total $15.8 million settlement paid by the primary insurer to resolve a case involving three former students’ claims of sexual abuse, finding that the lower court had properly apportioned the settlement between the two insurance carriers.

Avoiding Nuclear Verdicts® in Sexual Tort Cases

December 9, 2022 10:55am
Nuclear Verdicts™ are on the rise. Due to increased ratification for intentional acts, the lifting of statutes of limitations, and an alarming increase in plaintiff-side manipulative tactics, Nuclear Verdicts™ have skyrocketed in sexual torts cases. Tyson & Mendes is at the forefront of protecting its clients from Nuclear Verdicts™. Our team of experienced attorneys will analyze the particular challenges faced by lawyers defending sexual torts cases and will provide innovative litigation techniques to diffuse juror anger and prevent runaway juries.
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