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Education & Development

Tyson & Mendes is invested in training our attorneys and staff to be the best in the industry. We foster a culture of continuous education that helps our team members develop a fulfilling, well rounded career. Our multichannel education programs ensure our team is always growing professionally, meeting their professional goals, and remaining steps ahead of the competition.

Career Opportunities

Our Culture Embodies Education

We know our success both in and out of the courtroom comes from the collective talent of our people, which is why we invest more than any other insurance defense firm in continuing education programs at all levels and practice areas. At Tyson & Mendes, we believe education is a life-long pursuit. Great training makes us better prepared, more efficient, and equipped to handle our clients’ complex challenges. We continue to develop our education content to ensure our lawyers are the best civil defense attorneys they can be at every experience level. Today, our Education Department is staffed with full-time professionals dedicated to developing courses and curricula to keep our team engaged and learning.

The Tyson & Mendes Methods

Our proven defense methods are focused on developing, presenting, and arguing damages to a jury with the goal of preventing Nuclear Verdicts®. We believe defense attorneys must do ten specific things to avoid exposing clients to excessive damage awards. We provide comprehensive, in-depth training for all our lawyers on each of these methods, linking formal training directly to casework. We ensure our team members are applying the TM Methods to level-up their litigation skills. At the same time, our clients know their cases are in the capable hands of a Tyson & Mendes team that will not get out-lawyered by our opposition.

Tyson & Mendes University

Tyson & Mendes University—or TMU, as we call it—is an elite training program for our attorneys and paralegals to develop skills in areas such as case handling, budgeting, trial strategy, marketing, and client service—the subjects law schools do not cover but which are critical to success in the practice of law. The firm also offers TMU programming for our legal assistants to ensure consistent, top tier litigation support for our clients and attorneys across the country. Following the Tyson & Mendes Methods and with an ever-developing curriculum, the goal of TMU is to ensure our attorneys, paraprofessionals, and legal assistants are fully qualified to provide superior representation and service to our clients.

Tyson & Mendes Trial Academy

Each year, we welcome a class of Tyson & Mendes attorneys of varying experience levels to the TM Trial Academy – an 8-week, comprehensive course developed to deepen their trial expertise. This robust attorney training program supports Tyson & Mendes’ efforts to be the best law firm to work for, the best law firm for professional development, and the law firm with the best trial lawyers in the country to serve our clients. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, working groups, and culminating in a 150-person mock trial to put learning into action, the TM Trial Academy is an integral tool for training our next generation of defense trial lawyers. Read more →

Young Professionals Group

Arizona Partner, Sitar Bhatt, chairs our Young Professionals Group. We prioritize the professional and personal growth of our diverse workforce through educational events, interactive seminars, and monthly networking opportunities. Effectively encouraging inclusive dialogue in the legal and insurance industries to advance the next generation of leaders. Read More →
Mina Miserlis
Partner, San Diego Office

“At Tyson & Mendes, we have always invested in the ongoing education of our attorneys with a robust program of internal education. This year, we launched our six-week Tyson & Mendes Trial Academy to train our litigators in general trial strategies and incorporation of the methods advanced in Bob Tyson's book Nuclear Verdicts: Defending Justice for All. The Trial Academy is yet another example of the firm's commitment both to its attorneys and to broader principles of justice.”

Erick Dimalanta
Senior Counsel,
San Francisco Office

“The trial academy at Tyson & Mendes was a tremendous experience. The skills and strategies that were provided during our sessions were invaluable and helped me re-evaluate many tactics that are often used by trial lawyers. The sessions provided participants an opportunity to try things that they may not want to employ at trial and to get immediate feedback on those tactics was extremely helpful. Overall, Tyson & Mendes’ commitment to the training and education of its attorneys sets it apart from many other law firms.”

Evgenia Terehova
Senior Counsel,
Los Angeles Office

“The trial academy at Tyson & Mendes provided me with invaluable experience and insight about trial work and myself as a litigator. While an opportunity to participate in the final mock trial at the end of the training invokes the spirit of competition and drive to win, the program as a whole is a collaborative exercise supporting the participants with learning from each other and the presenters. The training structure creates a safe space for experimenting with new trial strategies and practices, which helps to identify what approaches will likely be most effective in front of a jury. Tyson & Mendes’ dedication and the actual investment of its resources for training legal professionals and sharing its trial technology along the way sets the firm apart from others.”

No Textbook Required

All our lawyers and staff have access to our cloud-based learning management system (LMS) where we provide various learning pathways and a library of on-demand educational and CLE-accredited materials. The LMS is updated continuously with courses and resources and will even track progress to ensure learners are meeting their professional development goals.