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Tyson & Mendes has extensive experience defending Homeowner Association and Property Management clients in lien/foreclosure litigation, quiet title cases, and premises liability claims.  We also represent Homeowner Associations and Property Management companies in Ombudsman, Department of Real Estate, and other Administrative Alternative Dispute Resolution claims concerning HOA Board of Directors and CC&R issues.  Further, we defend Homeowner Association clients in a variety of disputes brought by individual homeowners.  Tyson & Mendes has implemented specific early resolution strategies to provide its clients with expeditious, favorable, and cost-effective outcomes for these types of claims.

Nevada’s Voluntary Payment Doctrine is a Viable Defense in HOA Lien Overpayment Cases

Author: Christopher Lund | April 27, 2018 3:15pm
In a recent order, the Nevada Supreme Court held a defendant homeowners’ association (HOA) is not precluded from asserting the voluntary payment doctrine as a defense to an assessment lien overcharge claim.  Aliante Master Assoc. v. Prem Deferred Trust is a class action case, in which plaintiff’s class representative, Prem Deferred Trust (“Prem”) purchased property within Aliante Master Association’s (the “HOA”) community at a bank foreclosure sale for $41,000 in 2010. At the time of the foreclosure sale, the HOA had a lien on the property for unpaid assessments.

HOA Update: Sufficient Tender Of Super Priority Liens

Author: Christopher Lund | September 5, 2017 1:17pm
The Nevada Supreme Court recently provided guidance on two evidentiary issues important to any company who retains an attorney to assist in a matter currently the subject of a lawsuit or that the company believes may lead to a lawsuit. These two evidentiary issues are: (1) when a party may obtain an opposing party’s documents otherwise protected by the attorney-client privilege if the opposing party asserts the “business judgment rule” as a defense, and (2) “under what circumstances a document may be protected by the work-product privilege even if it is at issue in the litigation.”

Semantic Changes Do Not Allow Class Action Claims To Circumvent Need Jurisdiction

Author: Christopher Lund | July 30, 2017 11:12am
In a recent unpublished opinion, the Nevada Court of Appeals reversed a district court’s denial of a homeowner association’s motion to dismiss a class action complaint. The court of appeals affirmed that claims involving the interpretation of an HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) must be submitted to the Nevada Real Estate Division’s (NRED) alternative dispute resolution program before a district court has jurisdiction.  In addition, a court should look to the substance of a complaint to determine whether it involves interpreting CC&Rs and not blindly accept a plaintiff’s assertion in its complaint that its claims do not involve interpreting CC&Rs.

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