Bad Faith & Insurance Coverage

Bad Faith & Insurance Coverage

Tyson & Mendes is experienced in representing primary insurers, excess insurers, life, health and disability insurers, reinsurers, and claims management organizations in the complete range of matters involving third and first party insurance and bad faith issues.  Our representation has encompassed a broad scope of issues, including those associated with asbestos, products, pollution, construction defects, advertising injury, commercial disputes, and rescission actions.

We provide our insurance clients with a full range of pre-litigation counseling services, including: evaluating the legal and factual bases for requests by policyholders or beneficiaries for insurance coverage or benefits, and responding to such requests; assessing and handling demands for Cumis counsel; providing formal written legal opinions as to the existence and scope of insurance coverage, if any; and advising clients on practical alternatives to litigation.

If litigation is necessary, we have substantial expertise in handling insurance litigation in state and federal courts across the nation.

Bad Faith & Insurance Coverage Articles:

NHL Loss Could Mean Massive Win for Insurance Carriers

Author: Matthew Majd | July 12, 2022 12:31pm
The National Hockey League (NHL) is on the verge of losing a lawsuit alleging entitlement to coverage for pandemic losses from insurance carrier, Factory Mutual.  On February 24, 2022, California Superior Court Judge Sunil R. Kulkarni ruled the NHL...

Mobile Homeowners – Special Protection?

Author: Michael Kutzner | April 29, 2022 9:00am
Surety companies in Washington are generally not liable in tort to a third party. However, a specific exception was created for the setting up and siting of mobile homes. Poor or lacking performance with regards to these aspects...

The Show Must Not Go On

Author: Kristina Milone | March 2, 2022 3:59pm
COVID-19 lockdowns have hit New York Broadway productions and distribution companies particularly hard.  Loss of jobs, complete shutdowns, and an inability to conduct business safely has hindered organizations’ business. 
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