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Tyson & Mendes represents real estate professionals throughout the country. Our attorneys at all levels have extensive experience defending large brokerage firms as well as individual real estate agents and brokers in high-stakes E&O claims with a highly successful track record.

We provide personal, quality representation to our professional clients in a cost-efficient manner. We have developed the expertise, as well as a network of highly qualified experts, necessary to evaluate and defend such cases. By making our real estate professional clients an integral part of our litigation strategy, we apply our specialized knowledge and experience to the successful defense of professionals through trial.

Tyson & Mendes also has extensive experience defending Homeowner Association and Property Management clients in lien/foreclosure litigation, quiet title cases, and premises liability claims. We also represent Homeowner Associations and Property Management companies in Ombudsman, Department of Real Estate, and other Administrative Alternative Dispute Resolution claims concerning HOA Board of Directors and CC&R issues. Further, we defend Homeowner Association clients in a variety of disputes brought by individual homeowners. Tyson & Mendes has implemented specific early resolution strategies to provide its clients with expeditious, satisfactory, and cost-effective outcomes for these types of claims.

Tyson & Mendes has also taken a leading role in professional liability issues, regularly lecturing and publishing on malpractice and loss prevention topics for a variety of professionals. Founding partner Robert Tyson is a former member of the California State Bar Committee on Professional Liability Insurance and chairman of the San Diego County Bar Association’s Financial Professionals Liaison Committee. Robert Tyson, Pat Mendes, and multiple other attorneys have spoken at conferences held by DRI, CLM, Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS), Association of California Insurance Companies (ACIC), West Coast Casualty Company, Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS), Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), Property Liability Research Bureau (PLRB), and others.

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