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Civil Appellate Practice

Tyson & Mendes’ civil appeals team is made up of experienced and effective counsel who know their areas of law intimately. Each member of the team not only practices appellate law but also works at the trial level. This dual experience lends a competitive edge in guiding our clients’ biggest cases through the appellate process with an eye towards excellent results in the current case and how this case may affect our client’s company in future litigation.

Over the last decade, Tyson & Mendes’ appellate counsel have obtained landmark rulings including Howell v. Hamilton Meats (2011) 52 Cal.4th 541 which has saved insurers and their clients billions of dollars. Recently, Tyson & Mendes’ appellate counsel have obtained opinions affirming a motion for summary judgment in a $120 million wildfire case (Axis Insurance Company v. Omni Hotels Management) and a published opinion affirming a defense verdict in a products liability case involving catastrophic injuries for which plaintiff was seeking $26 million (Verrazono v. Gehl).

Led by Partner Susan Oliver, Tyson & Mendes’ appellate team helps Tyson & Mendes keep our promise of unparalleled service and unbeatable results from pre-litigation through the appellate process.

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