Tyson & Mendes Obtains Full Defense Verdict in Texas Auto Accident Case: Jury Assigned Full Liability to Plaintiff

Tyson & Mendes Obtains Full Defense Verdict in Texas Auto Accident Case: Jury Assigned Full Liability to Plaintiff

SAN ANTONIO (April 29, 2024) – Nationwide insurance and civil litigation defense firm Tyson & Mendes LLP has delivered a full defense verdict in a contested liability car accident case, saving their client $72,000. (Cause No. D-1-GN-21-005895; Cheryl Short v. Joie Curtner, Jr.)

The case involved an October 2019 car accident that occurred on a 4-lane road in the early morning. The plaintiff alleged she was driving 55 miles per hour with her headlights on when the defendant abruptly pulled out in front of her from a private driveway, causing her to rear-end his car. Both cars ended up in a ditch and EMS took both drivers to the hospital.

The trial took place in Travis County’s 455th Judicial District Court. Amanda James, Managing Partner in Tyson & Mendes’ San Antonio Office, represented the defendant and used the firm’s proven defense methods of accepting responsibility, personalizing the defendant and providing a defense number, in addition to themes of common sense and reasonableness, to help secure the favorable outcome. The firm’s attorneys use these methods and themes in every trial. During voir dire, James introduced the defendant as a young family man and land surveyor, whose job is to judge time and distances. James asserted he acted responsibly by yielding to oncoming traffic safely, telling the jury he turned on the road at a reasonable speed and distance from the plaintiff’s car.

James provided the jury with a defense number of $5,500 throughout the trial but the jury ultimately decided the plaintiff was 100% negligent in the accident and therefore was owed nothing.

“Our client was not liable in the accident, and we’re pleased the jury came to this determination as well. We were able to show, using Google maps and photos of the damage to both vehicles, that our client’s estimates of his time, speed and distance made sense,” said James. “We wish the plaintiff well.”

Tyson & Mendes Associate Reese Swincher assisted James on the case pre-trial.

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