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Susan Oliver Discusses How Employers Can Prevent Sexual Harassment
KOGO News - November 17, 2017 Sexual assault and harassment accusations are continuing to make national headlines, and employers large and small are on edge. Will someone from their organization be accused next? How can they protect their employees against unwanted sexual advances, and themselves against any legal ramifications, should an accusation arise?
Arizona Holiday Cocktail Party
Appropriateness of Restitution
Washington Court of Appeal Division One held when an offender is convicted of a crime that results in injury to a victim, the court shall order restitution for reasonably ascertainable medical expenses and lost wages. On December 4, 2014, Matthew Travis Gonce was at University of Washington (UW) Medical Center with Anna Whittington, who was admitted for pregnancy complications. Rebekah Strong, a Registered Nurse, noticed Gonce exit a patient room “mumbling obscenities under his breath.”  
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