T&M Giving End of Year Recap

T&M Giving End of Year Recap

The third year of T&M Giving has come to an end, and despite the challenges of 2020, Tyson and Mendes’ charity arm thrived!  Our Giving Tuesday Campaign set an initial annual goal of $10,000, but the firm surpassed this goal, raising a total of $13,250.  Bob Tyson and Pat Mendes graciously matched these donations.

Tyson & Mendes donated $26,500 to First Star, an organization working to improve the life of foster youth by transitioning them into higher education and adulthood.  The First Star team was thrilled to receive this donation and is already putting it to good use.

Of course, T&M Giving’s volunteering looked a little different this year.  Since we could not serve our communities in person, we looked to virtual opportunities.  In the spring, we sent hundreds of well-wishing letters to nursing homes throughout the nation.  In the fall, we had the opportunity to work with Braven, an organization assisting low-income and first generation college students’ transition into the workforce.  We conducted virtual mock interviews with students to prepare them for real life scenarios.  After the interviews, students were able to ask questions and network.  These interviews were not only helpful for the students, but also incredibly rewarding for our employee volunteers.

T&M Giving has already begun researching non-profits in our local communities, and employees will vote on the organization we will donate to and volunteer with in the New Year.  We are looking to 2021 with hopeful hearts.

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