Pay Equality: Are we “crazy” for striving to bridge the pay gap?

Author: Pamela Palpallatoc

Guest Editor: Brittany Torrence

March 11, 2019 1:31pm

Or are we “steely” for remaining composed while waiting for the gap to close on its own?

What is the current status of the pay gap?
The 2018 data compiled to calculate pay inequality showed that women earn 80 cents for every $1.00 paid to Caucasian males.  Latina/Hispanic women earn 54 cents per $1.00, Native American women earn 57 cents per $1.00, African American women earn 63 cents per $1.00, Caucasian women earn 79 cents per $1.00, and Asian American women earn 85 cents per $1.00. Click to read more.

Tyson & Mendes Secures Another Victory at The Division I Court of Appeals in Boyle V. Leech, Case No. 79069-2-I

Author: Seattle Office

Guest Editor: Alla Policastro

March 5, 2019 11:20am

For the second time in as many months, Team Leader Kyle Jones of Tyson & Mendes successfully argued an important case at the Division I Court of Appeals in Boyle v. Leech.  In the underlying suit, the Boyles filed a nuisance lawsuit against their neighbors, alleging the “toxic” staining sap and debris that fell from the Leeches’ coastal redwood tree constituted actionable nuisance.  Defendants moved for dismissal, arguing that because the subject tree’s limbs did not extend over the property line, and were in fact nearly 70 feet from Plaintiff’s property, plaintiff could not meet the requirements to sustain a nuisance action.  The trial court agreed and dismissed plaintiffs’ suit.  Plaintiff appealed.

March Young Professionals Spotlight: Michelle Campbell

March 5, 2019 11:20am

Michelle Campbell is Senior Counsel and a member of the Complex Trial Team in Tyson & Mendes’ Los Angeles office. Her practice includes general liability, catastrophic personal injury, directors and officers liability, and errors and omissions. An experienced insurance defense attorney, Michelle recently received a defense verdict in a $20 million environmental exposure toxic tort case, and has successfully settled numerous cases involving high-profile celebrities. Learn more about this avid home cook and soon-to-be first-time mom below.

February Young Professionals Spotlight: Haldon Greenburg

February 5, 2019 10:26am

Haldon Greenburg is an associate in Tyson & Mendes’ Fort Lauderdale, FL office where he represents individuals, businesses and insurance carriers in a variety of legal matters, such as construction defect, premises liability, first party property claims, wrongful death, personal injury, and contract related claims. A former public defender, Haldon has extensive litigation and trial experience, and has negotiated a number of complex multi-party civil litigation claims resulting in favorable resolutions for his clients. Read on to learn more about Haldon – including his favorite “hidden gem” in South Florida.

January Young Professionals Spotlight: Celebrating Our Newest Associates

January 7, 2019 12:39pm

Tyson & Mendes fosters the professional development of our attorneys at all experience levels.  In 2016, Tyson & Mendes formalized a Young Professionals Group to provide support, mentorship, and networking opportunities for attorneys and clients early in their careers.

In 2019, the Tyson & Mendes Young Professionals Group will highlight both rising stars and seasoned litigators to share their insights and experiences building their legal careers.  To kick off the New Year, we congratulate six T&M law clerks who recently passed the California bar and are now Associate Attorneys. Welcome Chandra Roam, Kris Darrough, Jillian Stanley, Amir Shoar, Danielle Vukovich and Patrick Wooding! Learn more about each of our newest Associates here.

Tyson & Mendes Outmaneuvers Plaintiff Who Attempted to Extend the Statute of Limitations by Re-filing Suit Against a Foreign National in Federal Court

Author: Bryan D. Scholnick

Guest Editor: Alexander Nguyen

January 7, 2019 12:12pm

Tyson & Mendes’ Seattle office obtained a dismissal with prejudice of an insured from the Federal Court by following a legal strategy set in motion when a lawsuit was first filed in state court.  Plaintiff was injured while riding a bus when a car turned left in front of the bus causing the vehicles to collide.  Plaintiff incurred substantial medical treatment following the accident.  He filed suit in Washington State Court against the car’s driver, who was a foreign national.  Plaintiff sought service of the foreign national via Washington’s statute allowing for service of a non-state-resident via the Secretary of State.  However, unbeknownst to the plaintiff’s attorney, service via the Secretary of State was not effective as the Washington Appellate Court, in Larson v. Yoon, found that service of a foreign national had to be effected via the Hague Service Convention procedure.  351 P.3d 167, 172 (Wash. Div. 1, 2015).  Given this ruling, and that the suit was filed a year before the statute of limitation expired, an Answer was timely filed asserting the affirmative defenses of lack of service and statute of limitations.

T&M Giving Year End Recap

Author: Delia Parra

Guest Editor: Alexander Nguyen

January 7, 2019 12:03pm

T&M Giving Program’s first year is in the books!  We had a great year with two successful employee volunteer days and a Giving Tuesday Campaign with contributions from the whole firm.  We had 30 employees participate on our volunteer committee, over 100 employees participate in our volunteer days, and employees throughout our eight offices volunteered over 60 hours of their time.

EVENT RECAP: The Ask Event, Part II: Promoting Yourself in a Tough Legal Industry

Author: Emily Berman

Guest Editor: Tiffany LeMelle

November 5, 2018 9:00am

On October 3, 2018, the Tyson & Mendes Women’s Initiative partnered with the San Diego Lawyer’s Club (SDLC) to host a wonderful and thought-provoking event, inviting discussion and action to promote women in the legal industry. The event was designed to build on “The Ask, Part I,” hosted earlier in the year by the SDLC.  The Ask, Part II was held at the La Jolla Country Club with over 100 professionals in attendance. The evening began with a check-in and a half-hour of networking. Members of the Lawyer’s Club and Tyson & Mendes employees mingled over wine and appetizers on the club’s patio, overlooking the beautiful La Jolla Cove.

Help Me Help You: A Firm’s Guide to Advancement Through Serving Millennials

Author: Ashley Kaye

Guest Editor: Tiffany Rouhi

October 1, 2018 11:00am

A young professional is not simply young and inexperienced; the term connotes a deeper, more specific meaning and a description – albeit an overgeneralized one – of my generation of millennials as a whole.  Urban dictionary (yes, I am quoting urban dictionary in a legal newsletter) defines a young professional as: “a recent college graduate whose main objectives in life include: career advancement, becoming financially secure, spending too much of their yearly income on expensive clothing and maintaining a busy social life.”  I would add to the stereotype a heavy reliance on technology as a mode of communication, and a resulting difficulty forming and maintaining professional relationships.

Tyson & Mendes Wins in Nevada: Insurer Granted Summary Judgement in Potentially High-Exposure Bad Faith Lawsuit

Author: Christopher Lund, Tom McGrath

Guest Editor: Leslie Price

September 5, 2018 9:00am

Anderson Keuscher v. United States Liability Insurance Company, 3:17-cv-00455-LRH-WGC (Dist. Nev. Aug. 7, 2018).

Last month the federal district court of Nevada granted United States Liability Insurance Company (USLI) summary judgment in an action filed against USLI for bad faith denial of a claim. Tyson & Mendes represented USLI in this case. The lawsuit centered around USLI’s denial of coverage for damage to the claimant’s property based on exclusionary language found in the insurance policy.

Women Supporting Women

Author: Carmen Lam

September 5, 2018 9:00am

Tyson & Mendes held its second internal “Women Supporting Women” event for the firm’s San Diego attorneys and staff on August 29, 2018. The firm gave attendees the opportunity to submit questions anonymously prior to the event in order to collect the points of discussion the women wanted to address during the event.

Creative Ways to Tackle Sexism in the Workplace

Author: Ashley Kaye

Guest Editor: Jessica Heppenstall

August 6, 2018 9:00am

The most overt display of sexism I have encountered as a professional occurred during my first trial.  As a young associate, I was reassigned from second chair to lead counsel on the eve of trial.  The insecurity and anxiety I felt cannot be emphasized enough, and the palpable glee of opposing counsel when they learned a “baby attorney” was trying the case at the last minute certainly did not help.

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