Virtual Volunteer Day and Giving Tuesday Campaign Update – 2020

Virtual Volunteer Day and Giving Tuesday Campaign Update – 2020

This year for T&M Giving’s virtual volunteer day, we had a wonderful opportunity to partner with the non-profit organization Braven.  Braven’s mission is to empower first-generation college students, students from low-income backgrounds, and students of color with the skills necessary to transition from college to strong first jobs.

T&M employees conducted virtual, one-on-one mock job interviews with students from campuses all over the country, preparing college students for competitive jobs and internships.  Braven made the process a seamless success, and we are excited to work with them again in the future.  Although we are eagerly awaiting a time when we can safely engage our local communities in person, we are grateful there are also many virtual volunteer opportunities available.

In other news, last month the T&M Giving Tuesday Campaign reached its annual goal, as employees raised $10,000 in ten months – but the campaign is not over yet!  We are striving for an additional $2,500 in donations for November and December.  Bob Tyson and Pat Mendes will match all donations raised, with the goal of a $25,000 total donation.  All moneys raised will go to First Star, an organization that improves the lives of foster youth by giving them the skills and support needed to successfully transition to higher education and adulthood.

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