Tyson & Mendes Wins Sexual Abuse Case with Motion for Summary Judgment in Favor of School District: Los Angeles Judge Finds Elementary School District Not Negligent in Hire or Supervision of Former Employee

Featured: Susan Oliver

LOS ANGELES (February 10, 2020) – Marking another victory for nationwide civil defense firm Tyson & Mendes LLP, a motion for summary judgment has been granted by Hon. Deidre Hill in favor of an elementary school district in Los Angeles, which was being sued for the unlawful sexual acts of a former employee.

The January 22 ruling found no evidence to support claims that the school district was negligent in hiring or supervising the employee in question, and thus was not liable for the alleged abuses that occurred.

The plaintiff, represented by David Ring of Taylor & Ring, was a minor female student who attended a middle school in the district from 2015-2017 and alleged she was sexually abused by a school district employee during this time.

While the employee was terminated from his position and eventually charged with various felony sex crimes in relation to the plaintiff, the Tyson & Mendes legal team was able to prove the school district bore no responsibility for the reprehensible misconduct.

“While we are extremely sympathetic toward the plaintiff and her traumatic experience, the school district had no culpability in this incident,” said Susan Oliver, lead defense attorney for the case and partner of Tyson & Mendes. “Through careful investigation, we were able to prove that no person within the school district had any knowledge the perpetrator was a danger to students and that there was no indication or warning that he was unfit for his position. No employee of the district harbored suspicion of any inappropriate conduct.”

With the plaintiff’s emotional damages demand potentially reaching upwards of $15,000,000, the favorable ruling prevents further detriment to the school district’s ongoing operations and eliminates future negative impact on other students.

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