New Jersey Court Rules in Favor of Homeowner’s Association: Tyson & Mendes Wins Motion for Summary Judgment

New Jersey Court Rules in Favor of Homeowner’s Association: Tyson & Mendes Wins Motion for Summary Judgment

Jersey City, New Jersey (August 8, 2022) – In another victory for national civil defense firm Tyson & Mendes, a motion for summary judgment was granted by The Superior Court of New Jersey in favor of a Guttenberg condominium association, which was alleged to be liable after a garbage collector was seriously injured while picking up trash on the road outside the condo complex.

According to Danielle M. DeGeorgio, the New Jersey-based Tyson & Mendes attorney who argued the case (No. MID-L-7795-19), the plaintiff was injured after being pinned between a dumpster he was emptying and the co-defendant’s personal vehicle. The estimated damages ranged between $13 and $17 million, with Tyson & Mendes client Galaxy Towers Condominium Association being held responsible for at least half of that amount.

“We argued that the New Jersey law on ‘off premise’ liability demonstrated that the court should find no legal duty was owed by our client to the plaintiff,” DeGeorgio said. “There was simply no basis in fact, or law, to find that Galaxy owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. We were also able to prove that Galaxy did not create any dangerous conditions on its property that caused the accident.”

Additionally, DeGeorgio said she focused on the real cause of the accident: the actions of the co-defendant driver versus the hundreds of homeowners who make up the condo association. “We conveyed to the court that it was not reasonable to impose a duty of care on a group of homeowners and emphasized that if the court did do so, the ruling could apply to every New Jersey homeowner, thereby negatively impacting the public policy of our state.”

Ultimately, the court accepted DeGeorgio’s public policy arguments and granted summary judgment in Galaxy’s favor.

DeGeorgio noted the defense employed themes of common sense and reasonableness and addressed the plaintiffs’ pain and suffering directly while arguing the case.

“We remained sympathetic to the plaintiff, acknowledging that he sustained a serious and life altering injury, but also emphasized that he was still well-taken care of by the workers compensation carrier who had paid, to date, almost $1 million for his care and wages – so he was not left without compensation for his injury,” she explained.

Tyson & Mendes has spent 20 years protecting its clients’ interests and delivering justice both inside and outside the courtroom. The firm has established itself as a leader in driving down damages awards and reducing the likelihood of Nuclear Verdicts® – often defined as jury awards in excess of $10 million. Using a unique set of proven defense methods, the firm saved clients more than $667 million in 2021, and $397 million thus far in 2022.

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