Our Unique Benefits Package Enables Our Attorneys to Thrive

Our Unique Benefits Package Enables Our Attorneys to Thrive

It is true… at Tyson & Mendes, we value and support our team. We attract, develop, and retain the best team members. One of the ways we recruit the best attorneys is through our unique benefits package.

Taking Care of Our Team

Our commitment to the good health of our team is reflected in our generous and competitive benefits package. Tyson & Mendes provides all team members with a comprehensive set of benefits designed to protect their physical and financial health, as well as to help them prepare for their financial future.  

It is not a secret: 

We are proud to be one of the first law firms of our size to offer a student loan assistance or college savings program for our attorneys, contributing thousands to participating attorneys’ financial goals. In addition, we offer a guaranteed bonus structure for attorneys and paralegals, a variety of attractive healthcare plans (some at no cost to the employee), 401k matching, paid family leave, and a flexible vacation program for attorneys.

Through experience and team feedback, we have developed a package to provide the benefits our lawyers find most rewarding.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program

Tyson & Mendes recognizes student debt from law and undergraduate studies can be one of the biggest stressors for attorneys. The firm hopes to ease that burden by offering its attorneys a student loan repayment assistance program in partnership with Gradifi.

For many new attorneys, this is the most exciting benefit offered by the firm.

Participants in our Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program could potentially cut years off of their payment period and save thousands as a result of the firm’s monthly contributions directly to their student loan accounts. With such amazing potential to alleviate financial stress, it is no surprise this perk tends to be considered one of the top benefits for lawyers on our team.

College Fund – Investing in Your Family

As an alternative to the student loan repayment program, Tyson & Mendes contributes to 529 college savings plans so our attorneys have more funds set aside for the future educational expenses of loved ones.  With the cost of a college education skyrocketing, it is essential to plan ahead and start saving early.  Our contributions to 529 college savings plans are an ideal way for attorneys with families to get on the right track.

confident female attorney reviews 401k plan on a laptop in law firm

Generous 401(k) Plan

Our firm is committed to your financial success and provides a 401(k) Plan to help you save for retirement.  We will match 100% of your contributions – dollar for dollar – up to 3% of your eligible pay on a quarterly basis. After that, we match 50% of your contributions up to 5%. 

This competitive 401k opportunity is a retirement benefit designed to help our attorneys achieve their personal retirement savings goals.

Flexible Paid Time Off Policy

We recognize the importance of managing stress at the individual level, especially within the highly energized and competitive legal industry, which is why Tyson & Mendes provides a flexible vacation policy. This policy allows our attorneys to take the time they need to get a little rest and relaxation, and to deal with life when it comes up. Our low minimum billable hour requirement also supports attorneys taking the time they need while still meeting firm requirements.

Generous Family Leave

We consider the people that work for us a part of the family – and we protect and care for our family. This is one of the reasons we provide paid maternity leave to all firm employees, including staff.  This allows birthing parents to take the time to fully bond with and care for the newest members of their family.  We also have additional leave and benefit options to allow partners and adoptive parents time to bond with their children and provide much-needed support to their family unit.  

mother lawyer holding baby in her arms while using family leave benefit

A Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Plan

Protecting the health of our team members is top of mind for Tyson & Mendes. We offer generous, employer-sponsored Medical, Dental, and Vision plans. These flexible plans allow our attorneys to choose from a list of fantastic options designed to keep our team in top health. And because your family is our family, these rich benefits also extend coverage to our employees’ family members, including Domestic Partners. We also offer Flexible Spending Accounts that allow for tax savings on approved medical expenses and dependent care.

We want our attorneys to thrive in all areas of their lives

Because of our extensive and rich benefits package, attorneys at Tyson & Mendes can thrive in all areas of their lives. Attorneys here succeed in their careers knowing their and their families’ physical health and financial futures are secure.

Our generous benefits package allows our firm to attract, develop, and retain the best team members, ensuring our success for years to come.


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We are For Our Team.

We are Tyson & Mendes.


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