Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Spotlight: Sitar Bhatt

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month Spotlight: Sitar Bhatt

What does your heritage mean to you?

Heritage can mean many different things. To me, it means what has been passed down to me by my ancestors and elders. Being from India, family and being together is central to our heritage. This means taking care of one another, helping when in need, and respect, amongst others. These qualities are an important part of me and how I go about my daily life.


Tell us about your role/work at Tyson & Mendes.

I am approaching my 8 year anniversary at Tyson & Mendes. I am the Managing Branch Partner for the Arizona and Washington offices. I am also Chair of the Young Professionals Committee.


In what ways does your heritage influence your work?

The concept of caring for family is something I apply to work each day with how interact with my co-workers and handle my cases. I truly consider my co-workers at Tyson & Mendes as a part of my family. I make it a priority to be available to assist when needed, and provide the necessary support to help someone be the best they can possibly be. In terms of my cases, I treat them with care because that is what my clients deserve. They deserve justice. I also make it point to interact with the Court and opposing counsel with respect. Each time I interact with someone, it is a reflection of my heritage, my ancestors, my family.



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