Black History Month Spotlight: Chris Campbell

Black History Month Spotlight: Chris Campbell

What does your heritage mean to you?

My heritage means the struggle to survive and the courage to excel in the face of great odds.   I understand that being good is not good enough. That fact forces you to quit or be great.  I prefer being great.


In what ways does your heritage influence your work?

I think my heritage allows me to have more empathy when dealing with clients.  I enjoy being an understanding advisor and giving confidence to defendants on their legal matters. You can feel the reduction in their stress level.


In what ways has your heritage positively guided your decision to pursue a career in the legal field?

As a child, I saw individuals being taken advantage of and bullied because of their station in life. I did not want that to happen to my family, and so I sought a career that would inform me on the law and what it means to deliver justice. That was my reason for becoming an attorney. And I must say, in addition to using my legal skills to protect my clients’ interests every day, I have also applied them to protect my family from a myriad of injustices. I am proud to have developed a career which allows me to help people who entrust me with their legal challenges.




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