Congratulations to Our 2021 Tyson & Mendes Trial Academy Graduates!

In March, an inaugural class of 48 Tyson & Mendes attorneys embarked on a three-month journey to deepen their trial expertise through a new, rigorous “TM Trial Academy.” This robust training program supports Tyson & Mendes’ continuous efforts to be the best law firm to work for, the best law firm for attorney professional development, and the best trial lawyers in the country to serve our clients. The firm also sees this program as an integral tool for training the next generation of defense trial attorneys.




At Tyson & Mendes, we take pride in a unique set of defense methods developed to apply broadly across all jurisdictions and practice areas. The Tyson & Mendes Method ensures our mission of unparalleled service and unbeatable results is consistently delivered by every member of the firm. This sets us apart from other defense firms.

To further this goal, we developed and implemented the Tyson & Mendes University, a mandatory training program for all of our attorneys and paralegals to teach case handling, trial strategy, and client service according to the Tyson & Mendes Method. Tyson & Mendes University ensures superior representation is guaranteed – not only to clients of one office or practice area – but firm-wide. Regardless of which attorney or office is handling a case, our clients trust they get the best of the best at Tyson & Mendes.




Emily Berman
Class 3: Deposition & Third Party Records

Kristi Blackwell
Class 2.5: Howell

Terra Davenport
Class 2.5: Howell

Codie Dukes
Class 2: Defense Themes and Written Discovery

Jake Felderman
Class 1: Welcome, Client Service, Billing, & Writing Guidelines

Kat Lee
Class 2.5: Howell

Reece Roman
Class 1: Client Service, Billing, & Writing Guidelines
Class 4: Trial Preparation

Morgan Van Buren
Class 1: Client Service, Billing, & Writing Guidelines



Sample Curriculum

Class 1 – Welcome, Client Service, Billing, & Writing Guidelines
Professors: Jake Felderman, Reece Roman, and Morgan Van Buren

Class 2 – Defense Themes & Written Discovery
Professors: Codie Dukes and Katie Greenbaum

Class 2.5Howell (CA only)
Professors: Kristi Blackwell, Terra Davenport, and Kat Lee

Class 3 – Deposition & Third Party Records
Professors: Emily Berman

Class 4 – Trial Preparation
Professor: Reece Roman

TMU Upper Division Classes
Professors: Bob Tyson and Cayce Lynch

Coming Soon:
Class 5 – Negotiations & Settlements

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