October Women’s Initiative Spotlight: Cayce Greiner

October Women’s Initiative Spotlight: Cayce Greiner


Cayce Greiner was recently promoted to Administrative Partner in the San Diego office. Cayce oversees all of Tyson & Mendes’ administrative functions, including staffing and human resources, marketing, finance and accounting, facilities management, and IT. Starting out as a litigator, Cayce quickly advanced her role within the firm.  Prior to her promotion to Administrative Partner, she helped the firm more than double in size while overseeing all marketing and business development efforts, coordinated numerous full trial preparations, and founded the firm’s Women’s Initiative and Young Professionals groups. Read on to meet Cayce.

T&M: Where did you go to undergrad and law school?
CG: I earned my undergraduate degree from The University of Colorado at Boulder, with some of my coursework through Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach. I attended law school at The University of Hawaii at Manoa.

T&M: What did you like most about the city(s) the two schools were located?
CG: Boulder and Honolulu are incredibly beautiful cities in different ways.  Both provide opportunities to be active and spend time outdoors.  I learned to snowboard in Colorado and stand up paddle board in Hawaii.  As an added bonus, I was able to golf in both cities!

T&M: What drew you to Tyson & Mendes?  
CG: This was my first job in private practice.  When I completed my Hawaii Supreme Court clerkship after graduation, I knew I wanted to litigate.  As I looked for work after passing the California Bar, I was impressed with the firm’s recent Howell win.

T&M: What do you enjoy most about working at the firm?
CG: The people, hands down.  The practice of law is stressful and when you are in the trenches, it is nice to be there with colleagues who are also your friends.

T&M: What does a typical day look like for you?
CG: The only thing typical about my work week is that I need caffeine to get going every day (I recently upgraded my English Breakfast Tea routine to Nespresso – quite the change!).  Some days are nonstop meetings. Other days, I have quiet time to work on big projects and initiatives for the firm.  Most days are filled with some kind of research, trying to find an answer to a problem.  On the best days, I get to be out of the office interacting with clients.

T&M: What has been the biggest challenge of your career thus far?
CG: The biggest challenge of my career is also the best part of my job and is likely the same challenge many young lawyers face:  I am constantly learning and growing.  My role with the firm has evolved in ways I never anticipated.  I started out litigating and I am now the firm’s Administrative Partner.  I am constantly learning new skills, new areas of the law, and new leadership and firm management techniques.

T&M: What did you want to be when you grew up?
CG: I wanted to be a doctor or an astronaut. Unfortunately, organic chemistry was not my strength.

T&M: What’s your favorite restaurant in San Diego, and what dish(es) do you recommend?
CG: Mexican is my favorite. I love Puesto.  I recommend the carnitas bowl and the guacamole.

T&M: What is a useless skill you have?
CG: I memorized a jingle listing all 50 states in alphabetical order for a 3rd grade school pageant and will never forget it.

T&M: What is the weirdest job you have ever worked?
CG: I was a “cart beverage attendant” on a golf course one summer in Colorado.

T&M: What was your most irrational childhood fear?
CG: Snakes! From growing up on a farm, seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark as a kid, and now spending a lot of time hiking, I am terrified of encountering a snake.

T&M: What advice would you give to young women starting their legal career?
CG: I have learned the practice of law is truly a practice.  Take advantage of every learning opportunity, dive in and do the hard work, take risks, and when you lack confidence…fake it till you make it.

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