EVENT RECAP – Flipping the Script: How Reverse Mentoring Can Benefit Employees Across Generations

EVENT RECAP – Flipping the Script: How Reverse Mentoring Can Benefit Employees Across Generations

On Wednesday, October 16, Tyson & Mendes held its fourth annual Young Professionals Panel at the Andaz Wall Street rooftop to discuss the topic “Flipping the Script: How Reverse Mentoring Can Benefit Employees Across Generations.”

Tyson & Mendes Young Professionals Events aim to create a dialogue around and provide support for insurance and legal professionals who are just starting out in their careers.  As Gen Z enters the workforce, the insurance industry must prepare for a workplace with Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z all working together. The objective of this panel was to provide insurance professionals with ideas and tips to help them create an environment where different generations can work together successfully.

Panelists Christina Perrotta, Excess Complex Claim Specialist at Ironshore Insurance; Kelley Inman, Senior General Liability Claims Examiner at Berkley Environmental; and Michaela Jester, Associate at Tyson & Mendes, shared their insights and experiences as young leaders in the industry, including practices they find useful and potential areas of improvement.  Sitar Bhatt, Associate at Tyson & Mendes, posed thought-provoking questions to the panel as moderator.

To kick off the conversation, the panelists addressed a question concerning the challenges of having different generations work together. Ms. Perrotta suggested that while millennials were more willing to adapt to the work environment created by Baby Boomers, Gen Z is more comfortable asking for changes to their work environment, such as the ability to work from home. She also said mentorship programs, whether formal or informal, can allow employees of different generations to work together and help bridge the differences in their thinking.

Next, the topic shifted to what more senior professionals can learn from the younger generations entering the workforce. Ms. Inman opined Gen Z, much like the millennial generation, likes to understand the greater sense of purpose for their work. They are driven to understand the rationale for why they do things and are always seeking to find the most efficient processes. Ms. Perrotta added this need for efficiency also makes Gen Z more comfortable offering feedback to their managers and communicating their needs.

Lastly, the panel discussed how the insurance industry can prepare to have these different generations working together. Ms. Jester encouraged all workers, regardless of age, to keep an open mind. Baby boomers likely have a wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge in the field, but younger generations often have strengths in marketing or technology. Fostering an environment in which all generations can feel heard is key to getting the best possible work product from a team.

The panel concluded with insightful audience questions. Tyson & Mendes would like to thank our fantastic panelists and everyone who participated.

To learn more about Tyson & Mendes’ Young Professionals group, click here.

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