These Firms Have The Most Women In Equity Partnerships

Law360.com – October 19, 2020

At most U.S. law firms, equity partners are still overwhelmingly male, but women at some firms are starting to shake up that reality and smash the glass ceiling that has prevented them from advancing to the uppermost ranks. Tyson & Mendes is the number one ceiling smasher among law firms with 101-250 attorneys with the highest representation of women in their equity partnerships.


Containing Nuclear Verdicts: Preparing for Success in New York Labor Law Claims

Author: Mike Coffey

Claims Magazine – September, 2020

New York has experienced an explosion of nuclear verdicts in Labor Law jury trials in the last few years. In 2015, the average payout of a neck/back injury came in just under $3.8 million, while a traumatic brain injury received around $5 million, according to VerdictSearch. Skip ahead just a few short years, and by 2019, the average neck/back injury was awarded $6.8 million at trial, while brain injuries skyrocketed to over $27 million. What is happening out there?


Prepping for a Surge of COVID-19 Bad-Faith Issues

Author: Lynn Allen

Claims Magazine – August 2020

In March 2020, the United States came to a screeching halt. Schools closed, businesses shut down and the national economy saw its largest decline in more than a decade. The wave of insurance coverage litigation over COVID-19 losses was inevitable. And as policyholders seek to recoup business-related losses, business interruption claims are becoming the new normal. With insurance companies denying such claims for lack of physical damage or loss to property, bad faith lawsuits are soaring and businesses are suing their insurance companies in increasing numbers.


Insurance defense law firm Tyson & Mendes opens Chicago office

Featured: Scott Ruksakiati, Mark Shanberg

Chicago Business Journal – August 4, 2020

California insurance defense law firm Tyson & Mendes said it has opened a new Chicago office. The San Diego-based law firm said in a statement that the office will launch with Scott Ruksakiati as branch managing partner and Mark Shanberg as senior counsel. The Chicago office will serve clients across Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska.


The Reptile Theory: Use it!

Author: Robert Tyson

Daily Journal – July 31, 2020

There has been an explosion of nuclear verdicts in recent years, with plaintiffs awarded billions of dollars in damages for all types of losses purportedly sustained at the hands of small businesses and large corporations. This trend is a major problem for corporate America, as well as the attorneys who defend these claims.


Is the defense bar being out-lawyered?

Author: Robert Tyson

Daily Journal – March 6, 2020

Nuclear verdicts — often those in which damages exceed $10 million — are increasingly commonplace in this country, presenting major challenges for corporate America. It raises an important question: Why? What has changed to cause such excessive jury awards?


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