Best way to get a large verdict? Ask for it.

Author: Robert Tyson

Daily Journal – February 21, 2018

It is a tactic that most defendants resist, and something defense attorneys rarely do. Give a number, always. Give your number to the jury early, give it often, and of course, it must never go up. While this strategy is rarely employed by the defense, it is critical for a successful jury verdict.


Insurance Defense Firm Opens Rocky Mountain Outpost

Featured: Jacob Felderman

Law Week Colorado – January 10, 2018

Insurance defense law firm Tyson & Mendes announced Wednesday that it is expanding its reach into Colorado with attorney Jacob Felderman setting up the firm’s outpost. The firm specializes in insurance defense with attorneys practicing in areas including construction defect, personal injury, insurance coverage disputes, insurance bad faith, professional liability, directors’ and officers’ liability and wrongful death lawsuits, and employment law. The move to Colorado is driven in part by personal reasons for Felderman as well as professional reasons that put the firm closer to some of its primary clients.


Susan Oliver Discusses How Employers Can Prevent Sexual Harassment

Featured: Susan Oliver

KOGO News – November 17, 2017

Sexual assault and harassment accusations are continuing to make national headlines, and employers large and small are on edge. Will someone from their organization be accused next? How can they protect their employees against unwanted sexual advances, and themselves against any legal ramifications, should an accusation arise?

Tyson & Mendes Partner Susan Oliver joined KOGO AM 600’s San Diego Evening News Hour to talk about what employers should do to prevent these types of incidents from occurring in the workplace. Click to listen to her full interview.

Cayce Lynch Wins San Diego Business Journal’s 2017 Business Woman of the Year

Featured: Cayce E. Lynch

San Diego Business Journal – November 27, 2017

More than five years have passed since Tyson & Mendes LLP won the case that made its name.  The San Diego-based law firm could have celebrated the victory and moved on. In retrospect, that would have been a mistake.  Instead, Tyson & Mendes assigned one of its young lawyers, Cayce Lynch, to make sure clients and businesses across the country understood the ruling and were kept up to date on relevant cases that have followed.


Industry Insider Q&A With Robert Tyson

Featured: Robert Tyson

The Daily Transcript – August 16, 2017

Robert Tyson is a founding partner of the law firm Tyson & Mendes. In 2011, he successfully argued before the California Supreme Court in Howell v. Hamilton Meats that an injured plaintiff may only recover the medical costs paid by his or her health insurance and not the higher amount billed to insurance companies by physicians and hospitals. In this interview, he reflects on a variety of topics, including the effect the case has had.


Pat Mendes to Present at CLM & Business Insurance’s 2017 Construction Conference

Featured: Patrick Mendes

A high exposure construction claim provides the backdrop for this discussion of the complex dynamics between primary and excess insurers. Seasoned industry professionals will share untold stories and lessons learned about the inherent conflict between primary and excess liability insurers. Specific areas of discussion will include choice of counsel, allocation of costs, responding to settlement demands, retained counsel’s reporting responsibility, duties among insurers and insured, coordination of trial tactics, and outside the box approaches to addressing the diverging interests between carriers and clients. The session also will highlight the insured’s role in the process and how effective communication techniques can prevent many common pitfalls.


How to Humanize a Corporate Defendant

Author: Robert Tyson

Daily Journal – June 22, 2017

Remember when TV personality and sportscaster Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million after suing two hotel management companies when one of their guests filmed and posted a nude video of her online? Had the defense personalized the corporate defendants at trial, perhaps the jury would not have found them liable for $26 million each for failing to protect Ms. Andrews’ privacy and safety.


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