Nuclear Verdicts™ Drive Need For Insurers’ Litigation Change

Featured: Robert Tyson

Law360 – September 8, 2021

So-called nuclear verdicts, jury awards of $10 million or more, have generated splashy headlines in recent years as plaintiffs lawyers have seized on jurors’ anger toward corporate defendants to secure such awards, signaling that a change in strategy is needed for insurers that handle these corporations’ defense efforts.

Midsize Firm Tyson & Mendes Unveils High-Stakes Trial Subsidiary

Featured: Robert Tyson The Recorder – July 21, 2021

San Diego-based midsize firm Tyson & Mendes has launched a new high-stakes trial business based out of the firm’s offices.

The newly created subsidiary, called TM HALO, is targeting the increasing threat and reality of nuclear verdicts—Jury verdicts in excess of $10 million—for its insurance clients.

TM HALO® Introduces Elite Trial Team for High-Risk Cases

Featured: Robert Tyson

Law 360 Pulse – July 14, 2021

Robert Tyson and Patrick Mendes established their firm, Tyson & Mendes, in a small space on La Jolla Boulevard in San Diego in 2002 to represent clients in the insurance industry. Since then, the civil defense law firm has grown to have more than 200 attorneys in 14 offices serving 17 states.

Talc-ing Nuclear Verdicts™

Author: Robert Tyson

The CLM – July 01, 2021

Pharmaceutical and products giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) received devastating news on June 1, 2021, when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the company’s appeal of a $2.2 billion verdict in its ongoing baby powder battle.

Trucking Lawyers Should Share Defense Strategies, Author and Noted Attorney Says

Featured: Robert Tyson

Transport Topics – June 23, 2021

For more than a year, prominent San Diego defense attorney Robert Tyson has been scolding his colleagues for not sharing trial defense strategies to beat plaintiff attorneys in the nation’s courtrooms.

The plaintiff bar does share strategies, he notes, and in recent years they have won billions of dollars in trucking accident cases.

Hotels Magazine: Stop Saying, “Safety is our Top Priority”

Author: Robert Tyson

Hotels Magazine – May 18, 2021

In the hotel business, creating a welcoming, home away from home is key to customer loyalty. Naturally, making sure guests are safe is a bedrock of the hospitality industry. As both leisure and business travel ramps back up around the world, hotels are fixated on ensuring travelers are as safe as possible, specifically from the COVID-19 pandemic. But is this message of safety keeping hotels safe from litigation and Nuclear Verdicts™? Unfortunately, the answer is no. 


Stop Nuclear Verdicts™: Compensate Like Plaintiff Lawyers

Author: Robert Tyson

Advisen – March 22, 2021

Here is a question for insurers: You are in the business of managing risk, but what have you and your defense counsel done differently in the last decade to manage or stop Nuclear Verdicts™?

The risk is real. Jury verdicts of $10 million or more have exploded over the last 10 to 15 years. The number of $100 million jury verdicts, and even billion-dollar verdicts, are also on the rise. But for the most part, insurers and their defense counsels have yet to do anything meaningful to lower the risk of such verdicts.

This has to stop. And insurance companies can stop Nuclear Verdicts™, today.


Can CRE Landlords Be Held Liable for COVID-19 Exposures?

Featured: Rob Olson

Millionacres – January 19, 2021

Rob Olson is senior counsel in San Diego with Tyson & Mendes, a litigation firm that specializes in insurance defense. He said:

“The first question in evaluating a lawsuit over COVID exposure: Where did the plaintiff allege they were exposed? If it was at work, in a tenant’s office space, then it is outside the property owners’ control. But if the plaintiff alleges that they were exposed in a common area, then the property owner may not easily get out of the lawsuit.”


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