Prevent Runaway Jury Verdicts by Neutralizing the Reptile Theory: Viewpoint

Author: Robert Tyson

Claims Journal – May 10, 2019

We see the frequent headlines: A plaintiff is awarded millions of dollars in damages for a physical or emotional injury purportedly sustained at the hands of a small business or large corporation. While many applaud an injured plaintiff for holding wrongdoers accountable, it is clear the frequency of outrageous jury verdicts is on the rise, and something needs to be done.


SD 500: Cayce Lynch

Featured: Cayce E. Lynch

San Diego Business Journal – May 9, 2019

Cayce Lynch is the firm’s Administrative Partner, directing administrative, marketing, and business development activities. She has led the firm through a period of unprecedented growth, doubling its size and raising its profile.


Lawyers Club Member Profile: Mia Kelly

Featured: Mia Kelly

Lawyers Club – May 2019

Mia Kelly has had a unique career path that spans from New York to San Diego. As senior counsel at the law firm of Tyson & Mendes, Kelly works on a variety of cases including professional liability, catastrophic injury, and medical malpractice, but the main bread and butter of the firm and her practice is insurance defense.


Senior Counsel Greta Schultz Interviewed for Congressional Quartertly

Featured: Greta M. Schultz

CQ Magazine – March 13, 2019

No Driver, No Liability? Congress pressed to address a key concern about autonomous vehicles.

“Liability is going to look different,” says Greta M. Schultz, a Los Angeles attorney with Tyson & Mendes whose clients include companies that run ride-sharing services and are testing autonomous vehicles.

“With AV it’s going to fall not just on the manufacturer of the physical parts, but also on the people who are providing the software,” Schultz says. “There’s going to be an extra level of due diligence on their part in trying to protect people, not just from hacking but also privacy issues.”


Exploring the Defense Arsenal: How to attack inflated damages in professional malpractice and catastrophic injury cases

Author: Daniel Fallon

CLM – September 10, 2018

With the rising costs of medical, rehabilitation, and long-term care, the increase in special damages can be exponentially impactful to jury verdicts and settlements. The gross exposure from cases not only affects carriers, but also creates concerns for policyholders relative to policy limits, premiums, and professional reputations.


Court Upholds Judgment in Favor of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Featured: Susan Oliver, Dana Furman, Jessica Heppenstall

Club & Resort Business – September 19, 2018

The Carlsbad, Calif. property was targeted in a suit by Axis Insurance to try to recover $125 million paid out in claims after the devastating 2014 Poinsettia fire. The suit blamed resort management for causing the fire, which is believed to have started in native vegetation near a concrete cart path close to the seventh fairway of one of LaCosta’s golf courses. The Poinsettia Fire was the second most destructive of the 2014 San Diego County wildfires, causing a fatality in addition to extensive property damage.


Tyson & Mendes is the 33rd Fastest Growing Private Company in San Diego

San Diego Business Journal – July 19, 2018

The San Diego Business Journal has announced this year’s list of the fastest growing companies in the region. This year the Journal’s annual Fastest-Growing Private Companies list highlights 100 organizations whose aspirations have taken them to a level of success that has put them in regional, national and global spotlights.


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