Zywave Casualty Insights Conference

March 13, 2024

360 Madison Avenue & East 45th Street, New York City


Conference Keynote: Are YOU Causing Nuclear Verdicts®? If Not, Who Is?

March 13, 2024 at 9:15am-10:00am ET


Plaintiffs’ counsel have convinced juries across the country to award billions of dollars in cases where the facts simply do not warrant it. Daily headlines and data analysis confirms it: Nuclear Verdicts® are increasing in both frequency and severity, and despite a clear pattern driving these outsized awards, the insurance industry has failed to adapt. Join Bob Tyson, Strategic Managing Partner of Tyson & Mendes and the author of the only playbook for the defense (now an Amazon number one bestseller), Nuclear Verdicts®: Defending Justice for All, as he dissects the shocking reality of Nuclear Verdicts®. Compelled by the problem and empowered by the solutions, attendees will be challenged to revolutionize the industry with data-driven insight and the proven methods for defeating Nuclear Verdicts®. This is one session you do not want to miss.