Pride Month Spotlight: Jennifer Akre

Pride Month Spotlight: Jennifer Akre

Can you tell us what Pride means to you?


I love Pride month. I love seeing people be the loudest version of themselves. I love the Pride flags on the stores and the parades down Main Street America. I really love meeting members of my community that are maybe a little bit “quieter” the rest of the year. I remember when I first started practicing law. I didn’t know any other LGBT lawyers or judges and I wasn’t sure if they just didn’t exist or if there was a reason they were quiet. So, for a while, I was also quiet. Then, I picked up a few years of experience, some grey hair, and a couple of gay lawyer friends and decided that it was time to live a little louder.


How do you “live a little louder” and what does allyship look like?


There are so many ways to “live a little louder.”  I have amazing friends who are marching, protesting, and fighting for change and man, I am so grateful for their energy! But that’s not my energy – and what is pride about if it is not about being authentic, right? My Pride happens every day when I tell people about a trip that I took with my girlfriend, or I tell someone about my kids and how much they love having two moms. By telling people about who I am, I hope that I am creating space for them to be exactly who they are. I hope that I am serving as the role model I didn’t have. Visibility is everything and even though I am rarely, ( though not never!) decked out in rainbows, I am not quiet. Joining Tyson & Mendes has affirmed for me the real value of bringing your true self to work. Our community here is inclusive, and so supportive of allyship and authenticity!

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