Embracing Civility in an Uncivilized World

Date & Time: Thursday, May 20 – 11:00AM-12:00PM PDT
Speakers: Rick Seely and Jenn N. Crittondon

Civility is one of the most overlooked yet one of the most important aspects of trial.   Judges and juries alike notice attorneys’ behavior in the courtroom and will use their observations to form opinions of the attorney and the attorney’s credibility.  Civility is an essential aspect of how attorneys present themselves in court, which attorneys should treat with the same importance as any other aspect of trial presentation.  In this one-hour webinar, Tyson & Mendes attorneys will discuss common challenges to civility and how to overcome them to appear professional, reasonable, and civil throughout trial.  This widely applicable webinar will help attorneys prepare to communicate effectively, act civilly, defuse juror tension and potential anger, and successfully represent their clients.

Join us for the Embracing Civility in an Uncivilized World webinar on May 20, 2021 at 11 AM PST.  Our experienced attorneys Jenn Crittondon and Rick Seely will present on every aspect of civility in trial, including:

  • The legal basis of civility
  • Acting with civility in all stages of litigation
  • The many economic benefits of civility
  • The importance of accepting responsibility
  • How Tyson & Mendes attorneys react when faced with incivility by opposing counsel





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