Scott Ruksakiati - Partner

Scott Ruksakiati is the Managing Partner in Tyson & Mendes’ Chicago office. For more than 25 years, he has defended clients in diverse and challenging litigation involving catastrophic injury and death, professional liability, errors and omissions insurance claims, construction defect claims, breach of contract disputes stemming from multi-million-dollar construction projects, transportation litigation, and other complex commercial litigation cases throughout the United States. He has significant experience in insurance coverage matters involving third-party liability and first party property claims, as well as extensive experience representing insurance producers and brokers in breach of contract and tort claims.

Mr. Ruksakiati has first-chaired numerous jury trials and commercial arbitration matters to successful conclusions. Most recently, he represented an architect in a case involving serious personal injuries in Cook County, Illinois. After two weeks of trial and after his cross-examination of plaintiff’s expert, the case settled for a nominal amount when the trial court refused to rule on a motion for a directed verdict until after the trial. Mr. Ruksakiati also secured an arbitration award in a multi-million construction dispute in which his client was found not guilty and received 100% of its attorneys’ fees. He is known for successfully resolving cases prior to trial or arbitration by developing defenses for winning summary judgment and by positioning cases for favorable resolution through mediation.

Scott Ruksakiati received his B.A. in Economics and Telecommunications from Indiana University in 1990 and his J.D. from DePaul University in 1993. He is admitted to practice in the State of Illinois, the Northern District of Illinois (general and trial bars), the State of Iowa, the Eastern District of Wisconsin, the District of Nebraska, the State of Nebraska, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In his spare time, Scott enjoys indoor cycling, puzzling over crosswords, hiking, and golfing.

Recent Posts

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Insurance defense law firm Tyson & Mendes opens Chicago office

Chicago Business Journal – August 4, 2020

California insurance defense law firm Tyson & Mendes said it has opened a new Chicago office. The San Diego-based law firm said in a statement that the office will launch with Scott Ruksakiati as branch managing partner and Mark Shanberg as senior counsel. The Chicago office will serve clients across Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska.


Tyson & Mendes Launches Chicago Office; Names Managing Partner and Senior Counsel of Newest Branch: Expanding Insurance Defense Firm Adds Seasoned Litigators Scott Ruksakiati and Mark Shanberg

CHICAGO (August 4, 2020) – Tyson & Mendes LLP announced today the launch of its first Chicago office and the hire of two attorneys to lead the new branch. Scott Ruksakiati will act as branch managing partner with Mark Shanberg as senior counsel.

August Attorney Spotlights: Scott Ruksakiati and Mark Shanberg

For our August Spotlight, we are introducing two attorneys launching Tyson & Mendes’ new Chicago office. Please welcome Chicago Managing Partner Scott Ruksakiati and Senior Counsel Mark Shanberg! Both are experienced litigators who bring impressive track records of success to the Tyson & Mendes Midwest team. Read on to learn more about these two powerhouses below.

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