The Fastest Track to Partner for Attorneys Who Want to Learn and Grow

The Fastest Track to Partner for Attorneys Who Want to Learn and Grow

We are often asked, “Why does it seem like Tyson & Mendes is always promoting Partners?

The answer is simple — as one of the winningest firms in America, we are constantly taking on more clients and bigger cases. This growing caseload – both in volume and complexity – means we are always on the lookout for the best and brightest attorneys. We invest in our attorneys by training and equipping them with the skills they need to perform impactful, meaningful work and achieve great outcomes.

This focus on professional development provides our lawyers with many more opportunities for career advancement than the average law firm.

We Provide Our Attorneys the Skills They Need to Advance

We invest in our attorneys through a team-centered work environment.

Training starts with “TMU” (Tyson & Mendes University), a comprehensive educational program for attorneys that teaches proven case-handling techniques, trial strategy, and client service skills. This unique program, based on the work of founding partners Bob Tyson and Pat Mendes, gives our team a literal “playbook” for justice. It teaches how to defend your client at trial, how to beat plaintiffs’ attorneys at their own game, and how to win, time and time again.

Additionally, we hold weekly (now virtual) meetings with every attorney in the firm called “Bagels with Bob” to share lessons from the front line and regroup on case-handling strategy in an informal, accessible setting. We find it tremendously valuable to share timely, real-world lessons with the whole firm.

Our commitment to training accelerates the development of our attorneys’ skills and empowers them to apply our TM Methods and their own creativity to their caseload.

professional development for attorneys in action as African American woman studies chart ins law firm

We Have a Clear Path to Partnership

Learning how to become a partner in a law firm has never been easier.

In addition to the detailed training our attorneys receive, we provide attorneys with clear and detailed paths to leadership and partnership criteria. These paths provide the resources and tools needed for attorneys to make significant advancements in their careers, all while building their own brands and becoming sought-after experts in their respective fields.

Within this system, attorneys are able to reach their goals quickly.

Since the beginning of 2019, we have promoted a total of nine attorneys to Partner. We expanded our complex trial defense team with the promotion of two women and two men. Additionally, with the promotion of two Partners to Equity Partner in 2020, the firm has now achieved gender parity in firm ownership.

Glass Ceiling Smasher

Tyson & Mendes is fighting back against the old fashioned concept of a “boys’ club” in the legal world. We focus on and highlight the positive differences that people of all identities and backgrounds bring to the company.

We take pride in our role as a leader in diversity and inclusion and view it as our strength. While the legal industry as a whole has struggled to diversify its ranks, our success in recruiting and retaining attorneys from diverse backgrounds has garnered national recognition.

In fact, Tyson & Mendes was recently named a Law360 “Number One Glass Ceiling Smasher” among law firms closing the gap in gender parity. In 2019, the firm was also named to Law360’s “Best Law Firms for Minority Attorneys” and “Best Firms for Female Attorneys” lists.

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Fast Track to Partnership

With our training, winning track record, and commitment to diversity and inclusion, Tyson & Mendes offers the fastest track to Partner for attorneys that are committed to learn and grow.

We are Innovative.
We are For Our Team.
We are Tyson & Mendes.

We are committed to delivering on our promises.


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