Top Three Ways We Develop Our Attorneys

Top Three Ways We Develop Our Attorneys

We love to win. 

And in order to win – and win consistently – our entire team must have superior legal skills. We train and prepare earnestly so that when we step into the courtroom, the odds are stacked in our favor.

We Invest in Our Team

At Tyson & Mendes, we make significant investments to ensure our attorneys become the best in their respective fields.

We believe in the concept of continuous learning and ensuring each of our attorneys is equipped with skills to handle complex and evolving challenges each and every month. Along these lines, we have three core training programs and philosophies most other firms do not:

  • Our Unparalleled “Tyson & Mendes University”
  • Weekly Virtual Meetings With Every Attorney in the Firm
  • Collaborative Work Environment

These initiatives keep professional development for our lawyers top of mind. In doing so, our attorneys are prepared for any case they come across or to take advantage of any career advancement opportunities that may arise.

We Teach Our Attorneys How to Win in Any Situation

Training starts with “TMU” (Tyson & Mendes University), a comprehensive educational program for trial attorneys teaching proven case-handling techniques, trial strategy, and client service. This unique program, based on the work of founding partners Bob Tyson and Pat Mendes, gives our team a literal “playbook” for how to achieve justice. It teaches how to defend our clients leading up to and at trial, how to beat plaintiff attorneys at their own game, and how to win, time and time again. 

Through our unique process, we develop and refine our team’s legal skills needed to beat the best lawyers in the industry. 

We do not stop there.

In fact: 

Through TMU, a team of Partners and senior attorneys teach our attorneys the ins and outs of successful case management.  TMU represents a portion of our onboarding training and gives our attorneys at any stage of their career a powerful advantage against the opposition. The professors teach hands-on courses in a variety of subjects, including:

  • Client Service
  • Legal Writing
  • TM Methods
  • Written Discovery
  • Howell v. Hamilton Meats (for California attorneys)
  • Depositions
  • Third-Party Records
  • Trial Preparation
  • Negotiations and Settlements
  • Several Other Specialty Classes

female senior attorney trains junior lawyer looking at laptop on desk

Real-Time Group Strategy Sessions

Additionally, we hold weekly virtual meetings with every attorney in the firm called “Bagels with Bob” to share lessons from the front line across the country and regroup on case handling strategies.   We find it tremendously valuable to share these real-world lessons with the whole firm.

At Bagels with Bob, attorneys are also given the opportunity to anonymously or openly ask any question of the Managing Partner. During these meetings, Bob Tyson answers questions about the firm’s business, policies, best practices, or particular case strategies in light of a specific question received.  

We have found this transparency and constant collaboration sets our firm apart in the industry.  

We are Collaborative

We believe when we work together as a team, our arguments are stronger, we are better prepared, and we are well-poised to achieve outstanding results. 

That is the basis for our team structure, in which a team of senior and associate attorneys works together to win for our clients. Specifically, associates work under the dedicated supervision of a Team Leader, who is either a Partner in the firm or a senior attorney with multiple years of legal experience. 

Team Leaders provide mentorship and instruction to their team members. This type of teamwork enables our attorneys to grow at every stage of their career through continuous collaboration and feedback, developing their legal skills and exposing them to strategies used by top law firms. 

Team Leader provides instruction to multiethnic legal team

Clear Path to Advancement

Because of the detailed training and the accelerated experiences our attorneys receive, we have created clear paths to leadership and partnership.  These paths provide the resources, tools, and opportunities needed for motivated attorneys to make significant advancements in their careers, all while building their own brands and becoming sought-after experts in their respective fields.

We strive to be the best defense firm in America. We believe our depth of advanced training and commitment to continuous education equips our attorneys at Tyson & Mendes to achieve this goal.


We are For Our Team

We are Continuous Education 

We are Tyson & Mendes.


We are committed to delivering on our promises.

Find out more about what makes Tyson & Mendes a special place to work.

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