Rob Olson - Senior Counsel

Rob Olson is Senior Counsel in the San Diego office. Mr. Olson has specialized experience handling all types of personal injury lawsuits – from major brain and concussions injuries to minor trip and falls. Mr. Olson also has litigation experience regarding complex multi-party matters, landlord/tenant cases, toxic torts, professional liability, aviation, and maritime matters.

Mr. Olson has extensive experience in state and federal courts throughout California. Mr. Olson approaches each matter by tapping into his unique military training, specifically applying the military’s planning process to achieve timely and successful resolutions. His approach to litigation has enabled him to successfully preclude plaintiffs from getting punitive damages in every case he has handled. Moreover, his motion work has included numerous successful dispositive motions and a motion for a new trial that eliminated a multi-million dollar pain and suffering award.

Mr. Olson earned his J.D. from the University of San Diego, School of Law. He received his undergraduate degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, in New York, where he earned his B.S. in Maritime Logistics with a Minor in Marine Engineering. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia but considers San Diego home.

Mr. Olson is also a Commander in the United States Navy Reserve. Before becoming an attorney, he flew helicopters in the Navy for 11 years. He now supports the military’s strategic and operational planning process at Third Fleet.

In his free time, Mr. Olson enjoys attending Padres games and is an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan. He also enjoys spending time with his family, whether camping with the Boy Scouts or exploring the museums and beaches throughout Southern California.

Recent Posts

To The Victor Goes the Spoils… All of the Spoils

At the bottom of every complaint and answer is the prayer, which inevitably demands “cost.”  Cost is an often-overlooked aspect of the case evaluation and spoils of victory.

Florida Jury Awards $50 Million in Habitability/Mold Case

A Florida jury awarded $48,257,922 to a tenant who lived in an apartment with “toxic” mold for approximately one and a half years. This verdict included $35 million for past and future pain and suffering and $10 million for future medical costs! While the defendants were not represented at trial, the award is a shot across the bow at what Nuclear Verdicts™ may look like post-pandemic.

Leveling the Playing Field: Defense Counsel Used “Honest Fouls” in California and Beat a $16 Million Jury Demand

In Bob Tyson’s book titled Nuclear Verdicts: Defending Justice for All, Bob Tyson challenges the defense bar to “[u]se your fouls.” A defense attorney who prefers to play by the books may question what an “honest foul” is and when to make such fouls. This article evaluates a May 2021 California Appellate decision illustrating how California courts allowed “honest fouls” in trial. Ultimately, these honest fouls allowed a jury to evaluate facts beyond plaintiff’s $16 million demand and the jury ultimately found plaintiff 45% responsible, reducing the total award from $2.9 million to $1.6 million.

Can CRE Landlords Be Held Liable for COVID-19 Exposures?

Millionacres – January 19, 2021

Rob Olson is senior counsel in San Diego with Tyson & Mendes, a litigation firm that specializes in insurance defense. He said:

“The first question in evaluating a lawsuit over COVID exposure: Where did the plaintiff allege they were exposed? If it was at work, in a tenant’s office space, then it is outside the property owners’ control. But if the plaintiff alleges that they were exposed in a common area, then the property owner may not easily get out of the lawsuit.”


Landlords and Tigers and Bears – Oh My! How Landlords are Becoming the Villains of COVID-19 and What They Can Do About It

There are going to be many challenges as we begin 2021.  One such challenge is the expiration of eviction moratoriums.  According to a joint UCLA and USC study regarding Covid-19 and renter distress, between 58% and 69% of tenants in Los Angeles lost income due to Covid.  In order to make rent payments, tenants have dipped into savings, asked family and friends for assistance, or gone into debt.  Furthermore, according to the study, 10-20% of the tenants…

California’s Supreme Court Opens a Path So Plaintiffs Can Recover Greater Nuclear Verdicts™ Against “Deep Pocket” Defendants

In August 2020, California’s Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion and created a significant exception to California Proposition 51 (“Prop 51”). The result of this new exception means a single defendant could be responsible for the entire non-economic damages award, even if a jury apportioned more fault to other defendants — and the plaintiff. This opinion will likely create a new strategy for the plaintiffs’ bar. We anticipate plaintiffs will begin pleading more intentional tort causes of actions and actively attempting to prove these claims, especially against…

The California Court’s “Fastpass” to Trial within 120 days – Considerations in Approaching California’s Preference Statute in a Post-Pandemic World

Imagine standing in the line for Disney’s new Star Wars ride after everyone receives the Coronavirus vaccine. At first, you may breathe sigh of relief – but then you realize that it might take the entire day to get on the ride. When, all of a sudden, a family strolls past everyone in another line—the “Fastpass” line.  Once jury trials finally resume in California, there will be an even longer line…

Evaluating Novel Lawsuits in the Wake of the Novel Coronavirus

Due to the novel Coronavirus, there are more questions than answers surrounding how the civil landscape will play out once the courts reopen. Many of us who defend civil lawsuits are trying to figure out what types of lawsuits the plaintiffs’ bar will dream up in order to line their pockets. After reviewing the kinds of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) offered, hundreds of plaintiffs blog posts, and how industries are marketing to plaintiff’s lawyers, the consensus is the plaintiffs’ bar does not yet know what novel lawsuit will come from the novel Coronavirus…

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