Why Tyson & Mendes is a Top Law Firm for Female Attorneys

Why Tyson & Mendes is a Top Law Firm for Female Attorneys

At Tyson & Mendes, we do not just talk about creating a culture where female attorneys can thrive – we put in the work to make it happen. 

From the top down, we recognize the vital importance of mentoring and support in the legal and insurance industries to further women’s equal opportunity, recruitment, advancement, and development.

A prime example of our commitment to closing the gender gap in these typically male-dominated industries is our Women’s Initiative, which provides Tyson & Mendes’ female lawyers and their clients with mentoring and business development opportunities. The Women’s Initiative also regularly hosts engaging events that address common issues and challenges faced by women in these industries, such as equal pay, work-life balance, and harassment. The gatherings provide an opportunity for our clients and attorneys to engage in in-depth discussions about pressing topics, and the resulting conversations have helped spark meaningful relationships both inside and outside the firm.

At Tyson & Mendes, we pride ourselves on being one of the best law firms for female attorneys, and partnership continues to make the recruitment and retainment of female lawyers a priority. Through these efforts, roughly 50% of our 140-plus attorneys nationwide are female – we kick the national average of 36% to the curb. Additionally, about 80% of Tyson & Mendes’ non-attorney staff are women, resulting in about 63% of the firm’s overall employees being female.

Our success in this area has garnered impressive recognition, with Law360 recently naming the firm one of the “Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys.” The national legal publication ranked Tyson & Mendes as #12 in the “50-149 Lawyers” category.

If that were not evidence enough as to why Tyson & Mendes is the best place to work for female attorneys, take it from one of our own associates:

“Working for a firm that puts its money where its mouth is regarding its commitment to gender equality is beyond amazing,” said San Diego Associate Margarite Sullivan. “I started my career in an environment full of sexism and harassment and am now at a firm that has an entire group committed to equality in the workplace. That is the stuff of dreams.”

For female attorneys ready to take the next step in their careers, to spend each day in a winning environment, and to work for a firm that truly cares about its employees, Tyson & Mendes has many exciting job opportunities for experienced trial attorneys in locations throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Florida, and New York. 

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We have no plans to rest on our laurels when it comes to hiring female lawyers and supporting them upon their arrival – so female attorneys eager to join a thriving civil defense firm are encouraged to apply. Visit our Careers page to view all of Tyson & Mendes’ open positions. 

We hope to hear from YOU soon!

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