New York

“Real Housewives” Gets a Reality Check

2 months ago
Nuclear Verdicts

Jury Awards a Record-Breaking $120 Million in New York Medical Malpractice Case

3 months ago
New York

Gov. Hochul Shoots Down Proposed Damages for Emotional Suffering in Wrongful Death Cases

3 months ago

We’re Not Friends – New York Adds Social Media Protections for Employees and Applicants

5 months ago
Products Liability Litigation

“Yeezy” Does It: Adidas Backs Off on Kanye West Connection

11 months ago
New York

Yorkie Dog Subject of NYPD Lawsuit Alleging Civil Rights Violations

12 months ago
Habitability & Commercial Property

“Wear and Tear”? in NY, Absent Clear Language, Insurer Beware!

1 year ago