Beyond the Pandemic: Making Flexibility and Support the Standard for Working Attorneys

Author: Cayce E. Lynch

October 28, 2021 9:00am

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the legal industry.  The last 18 months have illuminated the daily pressures lawyers encounter balancing a litigation caseload with the myriad of life’s demands.  As a result of these pressures and the changing demands on working professionals brought on by the pandemic, some attorneys who have worked diligently to establish a law practice are finding themselves choosing between their legal career and their own wellbeing.  Tyson & Mendes believes attorneys contemplating their current work-life integration do not need to leave the practice of law – they just need to join the right law firm. 

Evolving to Meet a Changing Workforce: Tyson & Mendes’ New Hourly Attorney Program Addresses the “Great Resignation”

Author: Cayce E. Lynch

October 7, 2021 4:15pm

We see the headlines every day: more and more attorneys are leaving the practice of law. After the last year and a half, who can blame them? The COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain many working professionals. Some lawyers are struggling to find a balance between working from home and juggling parental responsibilities, caring for aging parents, or protecting their own physical and mental health.

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