Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Our medical malpractice attorneys at Tyson & Mendes have substantial experience defending professional healthcare providers, ancillary staff, and facilities against claims and lawsuits brought about by the question of whether or not negligence or deviation for the applicable standard of care has occurred. We work closely with healthcare risk management departments to identify high-risk practices, institute changes in appropriate policies, and conduct educational in-service programs to limit risk.

We partner with medical professional clients to actively defend medical malpractice litigation. Our attorneys have aggressively attacked pleadings and filed motions for summary judgment/adjudication with impressive success. We have also obtained judgments and dismissals in favor of our professional clients. Our attorneys work to resolve litigation in the most efficient manner. When early resolution is not possible, the firm provides medical professional clients the best representation in the industry through trial. Our extensive network of specialists enables us to conduct comprehensive reviews of medical files and relevant medical research, to select and retain appropriate and effective expert witnesses and consultants, and to conduct all phases of litigation, trial, and appellate work.


Published Articles & Press Releases:


Jury Finds L.A. Physician Not Liable in $1.7 Million Medical Malpractice Trial
Press Release – November 2, 2018

Calif. Jury Finds Hospital Negligent Over Unborn Baby’s Death
Law360 – November 5, 2018

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