Autonomous Vehicles Liability Litigation

Autonomous Vehicles Liability Litigation

Some experts predict autonomous vehicles will take over personal transportation by 2030, but the reality is they are here now, and are changing the way many industries do business. Tyson & Mendes’ Autonomous Vehicles Liability Litigation practice group offers clients deep automotive liability litigation experience and knowledge about the ever-changing regulation and legislation arising in response to more autonomous vehicles on the road.

Despite the enhanced safety features autonomous vehicles provide, they inevitably still cause damage –and personal injury lawsuits related to autonomous vehicles will increase over time. Tyson & Mendes understands the challenges and liabilities presented to insurers and manufacturers, and defends related cases in federal and state courts.

Autonomous Vehicles Liability Litigation Articles:

Senior Counsel Greta Schultz Interviewed for Congressional Quartertly

March 13, 2019 1:15pm
CQ Magazine – March 13, 2019 No Driver, No Liability? Congress pressed to address a key concern about autonomous vehicles. "Liability is going to look different," says Greta M. Schultz, a Los Angeles attorney with Tyson & Mendes whose clients include companies that run ride-sharing services and are testing autonomous vehicles. "With AV it's going to fall not just on the manufacturer of the physical parts, but also on the people who are providing the software," Schultz says. "There's going to be an extra level of due diligence on their part in trying to protect people, not just from hacking but also privacy issues." DOWNLOAD ARTICLE

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