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Featured: Robert Modica

September 30, 2019 4:32pm


For our October Professional Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce Robert Modica, Managing Partner of Tyson & Mendes’ newest office in New York City. Robert has extensive experience representing businesses in various commercial disputes involving intellectual property rights, shareholder derivative claims.  Robert plans to expand the firm’s growing Cyber, Technology, and Media practice area, with experience in technology-based claims arising out of privacy, data, and cybersecurity breaches. A former college football player, every day is game day for Robert. Bringing a competitive fire to the legal field, his addition helps bolster the firm’s growing east coast presence. Learn more about Robert and his plans for the NYC team below.

T&M: Can you tell us a bit about your legal background?
RM: I graduated from Albany Law School of Union University in 2000. I focus my career on the litigation of various types of matters that include professional liability claims, commercial claims, construction accident claims, and technology-based claims.

T&M: What drew you to Tyson & Mendes?
I was drawn in by the firm’s collaborative culture and reputation in the field for exceptional trial results.

T&M: What do you hope Tyson & Mendes’ new New York office will accomplish under your leadership?
I hope to continue to foster the culture of Tyson & Mendes in New York. Part of that growth strategy includes recruiting and developing quality attorneys that maintain the firm’s successful reputation.

T&M: What professional achievement are you most proud of?
Truthfully, opening T&M’s New York office is the most exciting achievement of my career.

T&M: Similarly, what has been the biggest challenge of your career thus far and how did you deal with it?
Being a successful lawyer is much more than just practicing law; it is also understanding business. I am learning how to become a better business person by reading about finance, profitability, and other similar subjects.

T&M: What did you want to be when you grew up?
I dreamt of being a football player.

T&M: What made you decide to pursue a career in the law instead?
In reality, I was too slow and too short to play professional football. However, when it came time to decide on a career, I needed something competitive. The adversarial nature of litigation fills that need.

T&M: What legal or community organizations are you most actively involved with?
I spend most of my free time involved in youth sports. Particularly, I am involved with sports my kids play such as soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

T&M: Where is the one place in New York City you always like to take guests visiting from out of town?
Tough question! New York City is like no other place in the world. There are so many things to see and do. The places I like to take guests depend on what they want to do. That said, Central Park is amazing – especially when snow is on the ground.

T&M: What was it like playing a sport in college?
Exhilarating. I can truly say that I would not trade my time playing college football for anything in the world. The bonds made with my teammates will last a lifetime and the pure thrill of playing was unbelievable.

T&M: When not at work or home, where are we most likely to find you?
Outside the office, you can find me on a sports field with my kids.

T&M: What is a fun fact about you that most people don’t know?
When I was younger, I was a state champion in BMX racing.


Tyson & Mendes Announces Robert Modica as Managing Partner of First New York Office
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