March Women’s Initiative Spotlight: Heather Bean

March 12, 2018 11:36am


The new Managing Partner in Tyson & Mendes’ Los Angeles office, Heather Bean, is also a leader in the firm’s Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality practice group. Heather has more than 15 years of experience in the legal industry and has become an expert trial attorney in general liability, personal injury, premises liability and products liability claims. She is also a classically trained pianist. Read on to learn about her biggest accomplishments, and what she enjoys most about being part of the T&M team.

T&M: What drew you to Tyson & Mendes?

HB: After seeing attorneys from Tyson & Mendes in action, I was immediately impressed with the firm’s attention to detail and zealous advocacy. Not only are the attorneys extremely accomplished – they are some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I value the diversity within the firm, and find it refreshing to see how successful many female attorneys here have become. In addition, the growth and the vision of the firm is exciting, and I am honored to be a part of it.

T&M: What is the strongest distinguishing factor that sets Tyson & Mendes apart from other firms?

HB: Tyson & Mendes has a high standard of service and representation of its clients. In addition to having some of the most intelligent and dynamic attorneys, the firm also has the resources to go head-to-head with the most aggressive plaintiffs’ attorneys. When a case is being handled by Tyson & Mendes, we want our clients – big or small – to know that they are getting top-notch legal services.

T&M: What has been your favorite case to defend? 

HB: I have had so many different cases, with so many different issues, it is hard to pick only one. I have worked on several cases involving Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and found the medical aspect of these types of cases to be fascinating.

T&M: What is the accomplishment/win that has made you the most proud? 

HB: I have worked on many contentious cases resulting in successful Motions for Summary Judgment. Having a judge grant a Motion for Summary Judgment in a case that has been hotly litigated for years is a great feeling. I had one in which the judge had held at least three hearings, requested supplemental briefing and finally, on the first day of trial, granted the Motion. With all the work we put in to successfully extricate our client, it was even more rewarding when the Court of Appeal affirmed the decision in its entirety.

T&M: What is the biggest challenge you face as a practicing female attorney?

HB: Still trying to overcome gender barriers and stereotypes. Even though there are more and more women in the workplace, there are still obstacles we have to overcome. Learning how to tune those out, focus on your professional goals, and find that work/life balance is not easy – but certainly not impossible.

T&M: What singular piece of advice would you give a fellow female professional – in the legal profession or not?

HB: Work hard and keep your chin up. Learn from your experiences, good or bad, and enjoy the ride. In the process, do not lose yourself and always make time for things that make you happy.

T&M: If you were not a lawyer, what would you be?

HB: I probably would have taken over my family’s business, and would have become a landscape contractor and manage their retail garden center.

T&M: Have you been to any concerts recently? What was the last song you downloaded?  

HB: Last concert was Katy Perry. I have nott downloaded a song in ages!

T&M: Which five people would you chose to have dinner with – living or dead?

HB: Oprah, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, my Grandfather, Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy.

T&M: What is your idea of an ideal weekend?

HB: Lounging by the pool with friends and family with a few good cocktails and a late afternoon BBQ.

T&M: What do you have streaming regularly on your TV?  

HB: SpongeBob SquarePants, but not by choice!

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