Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Spotlight – Sergio Chaidez

Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Spotlight – Sergio Chaidez
1. How do you celebrate your Hispanic heritage in your daily life?

I strive to make my Hispanic heritage a part of my daily life and to share it with my family. We maintain a bilingual home. I speak fluent Spanish, and I have a toddler and infant at home with whom I only speak in Spanish. My family is originally from Mexico, and with the encouragement and support of my amazing wife, who is not Hispanic, we continue to celebrate many of the customs and traditions I grew up celebrating. It gives our home a bit of dual-culture atmosphere, and we like that.


2. What does your Hispanic heritage mean to you?

My Hispanic heritage means a great deal to me. It reminds me of my parents and everything that needed to happen for me to enjoy the great life I have. It reminds me to stay humble and stay true to the values I was taught. It really does form a part of who I am and my daily life.


3. In what ways does your heritage influence your work?

My heritage has benefited my work numerous times. I have worked with Hispanic or Spanish-speaking witnesses, clients, defendants, and even opposing counsel. Litigation gets contentious, yet despite that, the common bond of Hispanic heritage seems to ease the tension and facilitate cooperation where appropriate. If I had to boil it down though, I think I would say my perspective is sometimes broader because of my dual-culture background, and I think that positively influences my practice.




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