Evolving to Meet a Changing Workforce: Tyson & Mendes’ New Hourly Attorney Program Addresses the “Great Resignation”

Evolving to Meet a Changing Workforce: Tyson & Mendes’ New Hourly Attorney Program Addresses the “Great Resignation”

We see the headlines every day: more and more attorneys are leaving the practice of law. After the last year and a half, who can blame them? The COVID-19 pandemic continues to strain many working professionals. Some lawyers are struggling to find a balance between working from home and juggling parental responsibilities, caring for aging parents, or protecting their own physical and mental health.

In the “Year of the Great Resignation,” the legal industry must evolve to meet the changing workforce. Providing competitive pay and industry-leading benefits is no longer enough. Attorneys do not need to leave the practice of law – they just need to join the right law firm! We believe outstanding, experienced litigators belong at Tyson & Mendes, regardless of their current phase of career or personal life.

Tyson & Mendes is answering the call by launching a new, inclusive program that allows attorney to opt to work on an hourly basis while still managing a meaningful caseload. Our new hourly program gives attorneys the opportunity to choose how many cases they take on, work the hours the litigation demands for those cases from home or in the office, and then decide what – and how much – they are ready for next. Hourly attorneys are still part of a litigation team, participate in the firm’s education program, and receive the same amount of support they would if they were working full-time. Most importantly, hourly attorneys receive the same caliber of interesting and meaningful casework their successful track record deserves.

Industry research and firm leadership’s first-hand experience informed our decision to launch the hourly attorney program. As a new mother, I empathize with caregivers and understand how hard it is to simultaneously give your all to your career and your family. While this initiative was sparked from the perspective of a working parent, we know the need applies to individuals in a variety of scenarios – whether attorneys are taking a respite for their mental health, winding down their career, attending to other personal responsibilities, or have no reason at all other than personal choice.

Our goal is to meet and support attorneys wherever they are in their legal practice and lives outside of work. We know how much lawyers invest to become a trusted resource for their clients. We also recognize things come up along one’s professional journey – things that may cause an individual to step away from full-time litigation. We believe this inclusive program will help fuel our firm’s continued growth by allowing us to tap into a talented candidate pool that is seeking increased flexibility from their firm. We look forward to welcoming new hourly attorneys to our team!

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