Employment Law Update: Preparing for the New Year

Date & Time: Thursday, December 3 – 11:30AM-12:30PM PST
Speakers: Kyle R. Maland, & Andy Smith

On Thursday, December 3, Tyson & Mendes will lead a webinar regarding employer liability issues, including how 2021 proposed legislation will impact the workplace and employment law claims in the coming months. How should you and your attorneys prepare for these changes? How will the ongoing global pandemic impact employment claims/filings and jury verdicts? Join us for an engaging seminar discussing proven solutions to prepare for 2021 and prevent runaway jury verdicts in this changed landscape. You will learn concrete methods insurance professionals, employers, and defense counsel should implement now to reduce exposure and take back justice for all.


CE: NC, OK, FL, & TX


All credits are pending.



Zoom Webinar