The global pandemic has changed the way the entire world does business, created unprecedented uncertainty in the defense and insurance industries, and forever changed the way cases are litigated across the country. Looking ahead, businesses can expect lawsuits to arise both directly and indirectly related to the pandemic. Additionally, there are an unprecedented number of cases queued up for trial, backlogged from COVID-19 court closures and, as seen in the many large verdicts rendered in recent months, the return to jury trials comes with an increasing threat of Nuclear Verdicts®.

Tyson & Mendes’ COVID-19 Resource Center has the tools for businesses and their insurers to stay informed on the latest developments impacting their cases, including court updates, articles, and webinar information about COVID-19 and COVID-19-related developments. Bookmark this page to easily to access the latest developments in civil litigation across the U.S.

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COVID-19 Practice Areas:

Casualty Liability

Employment Claims

Healthcare Liability

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Professional Liability and E&O Claims

Public Entity Claims

Retail, Restaurant, & Hospitality Claims

Trucking & Transportation Litigation

Court Updates:

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Statewide Jury Trial Restrictions: Here

COVID-19 Articles:

The Show Must Not Go On

Author: Kristina Milone | March 2, 2022 3:59pm
COVID-19 lockdowns have hit New York Broadway productions and distribution companies particularly hard.  Loss of jobs, complete shutdowns, and an inability to conduct business safely has hindered organizations’ business. 

Two Remote Court Proceedings That Are Here to Stay

Author: Kimberly Sayre | January 13, 2022 8:40am
The past two years have dramatically changed the legal practice, and some of those changes may be here to stay.  At the beginning of the pandemic, many courts closed completely. Now, court rules are in flux.  Bench trials have been remote; jury trials have been hybrid; and court appearances have been conducted remotely via teleconference and video conference. While some of these changes are temporary adaptations, some are likely permanent.  Attorneys should expect continued hearing and jury disruptions.

New York Updates Vaccination Requirements for In-Person Workplaces

Author: Michael D. Drews | January 13, 2022 8:40am
December 27, 2021 brought a shift in vaccination requirements for New Yorkers. Businesses and employees should be aware of their new obligations.  More employees are now required to be vaccinated.  Employees in eligible positions must take specific steps, and businesses are required to demonstrate their employees have taken such steps.  Businesses who do business with independent contractors should also be aware of special requirements.

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