Beyond the Pandemic: Making Flexibility and Support the Standard for Working Attorneys

Beyond the Pandemic: Making Flexibility and Support the Standard for Working Attorneys

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has profoundly impacted the legal industry.  The last 18 months have illuminated the daily pressures lawyers encounter balancing a litigation caseload with the myriad of life’s demands.  As a result of these pressures and the changing demands on working professionals brought on by the pandemic, some attorneys who have worked diligently to establish a law practice are finding themselves choosing between their legal career and their own wellbeing.  Tyson & Mendes believes attorneys contemplating their current work-life integration do not need to leave the practice of law – they just need to join the right law firm.

The legal industry is starting to turn its attention to openly discussing mental health.  As much as law firm leaders may want to reduce the stigma around those discussions, concrete actions leading to real change have been slow to materialize.  Most recently, the global pandemic illuminated the physical and mental support firms must be willing to provide to hire and retain talented attorneys.

Tyson & Mendes is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inclusive company culture because we know having mentally healthy and supported attorneys means improved case results and increased  engagement across our firm.  We are now doubling down on our efforts to support attorneys at all stages of their career with the launch of our new hourly attorney program.

Like all Tyson & Mendes attorneys, those who join our hourly program have the opportunity to defend the same caliber of meaningful and interesting cases their experience and track record deserves.  Lawyers in the hourly program have the added flexibility to choose their caseload size, work the hours the litigation demands for those cases, and then choose what and how much to take on next.  Participants are integrated and valued members of the Tyson & Mendes team.  Hourly attorneys participate in the firm’s educational programs through TM University, so they can continue growing as professionals.

Tyson & Mendes’ program uniquely provides the opportunity for experienced attorneys who are no longer interested or able to work fulltime to remain active litigators – which we all know is the best part of the job!  We believe outstanding, experienced litigators belong as a member of our team, regardless of their current phase of career or personal life.  It is time for the legal industry to step up to meet the needs of the changing workforce, and Tyson & Mendes is excited to be at the forefront of this effort.

Interested full-time or hourly candidates can view our open positions here or email for more information.

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