Matt Burgess - Associate

Matt Burgess is an Associate in Tyson & Mendes’ San Diego office and a member of a multi-attorney litigation team. His practice focuses primarily on defending medical malpractice claims. Mr. Burgess has litigation experience representing individuals in California state and federal district courts.

Mr. Burgess has experience representing a wide range of clients and providing them with desirable results through aggressive litigation. Mr. Burgess is adept at combing through the details of a case in order to find the facts most key to his clients’ position. Using these skills, he obtained a favorable jury verdict in a consumer warranty case. Mr. Burgess also has experience deposing and examining expert witnesses in consumer warranty cases.

Mr. Burgess earned his B.A. in Political Science in 2013 from Western Washington University and his J.D. in 2016 from University of San Diego School of Law with concentrations in Civil and Criminal Litigation. Mr. Burgess is licensed to practice law in California state and district courts.

Outside of work, Mr. Burgess loves stories whether they be books, tv, or movies, and he particularly enjoys fantasy and science-fiction. Mr. Burgess is also a lifelong fan of the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Mariners despite all they have done to him. Lastly, Mr. Burgess hopes to be on Jeopardy someday.

Recent Posts

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Many people are familiar with the rescue doctrine; a person may seek recovery if they are injured while reasonably undertaking the rescue of a person who has negligently placed his or herself in a position of imminent peril.  As Justice Cardozo said, “danger invites rescue.”  Wagner v. International Ry., (1921) 232 N.Y. 176.  However, not as many people know that the people who are most often in a position to rescue others, first responders such as…

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