Amy Chambers - Associate

Amy Chambers is an Associate in Tyson & Mendes’ San Diego office and a member of the firm’s Complex Trial Team.  Ms. Chambers has extensive experience representing employers and insurers in California state and federal district courts.

Prior to joining Tyson & Mendes, Ms. Chambers was an associate at an insurance and workers’ compensation defense firm in San Diego.  She has successfully resolved many cases involving personal injury and state and federal workers’ compensation matters in both the trial and appellate courts.  Ms. Chambers’ successes include obtaining multiple take nothing decisions in high value federal workers’ compensation matters and routinely negotiating settlements for pennies on the dollar.  She also previously served as a Research Attorney at the Monterey County Superior Court where she advised the civil court judges on all civil law and motion matters.

Ms. Chambers earned her J.D. from University of San Diego, School of Law where she was a member of the Moot Court Executive Board and the Journal for Climate Change and Energy Law.  She earned her B.A. in Law and Society from American University where she graduated with honors.  Ms. Chambers is licensed to practice law in California, and is admitted to the Southern and Central Districts of the United States District Court, State of California.

In her free time, Ms. Chambers enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and son.  She enjoys fitness, live music, and exploring California’s wine regions.

Recent Posts

Tennessee Supreme Court Finds Violation of Pre-Suit Notice Requirements under Health Care Liability Act is Without Penalty or Remedy

The Tennessee Supreme Court recently ruled Tennessee’s Health Care Liability Act (HCLA) requires defendants to provide plaintiffs with written notice of when plaintiff sues the wrong defendant.  However, the Court further determined the HCLA does not otherwise provide a penalty or remedy where defendant fails to comply with its notice requirements under the law.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rejects Boilerplate Evidentiary Objections on Summary Judgment

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently issued an opinion in the case of Ana Sandoval, et al. v. County of San Diego, et al. (9th Cir. Jan. 13, 2021), addressing every civil litigators’ favorite topic: evidentiary objections in relation to a motion for summary judgment.  While the claims in Sandoval arise from allegations of civil rights violations, which most may find more interesting than evidentiary objections, the Court’s discussion and analysis regarding…

Illinois First District Court of Appeal Upholds Summary Judgment in Favor of City in Sidewalk Trip and Fall Case

Attacking duty by way of summary judgment wins the day in Illinois’ First District Court of Appeal, Fifth Division in James Foy v. The Village of La Grange, Illinois, 2020 IL App (1st) 191340. In Foy, plaintiff filed a negligence action against the Village of La Grange (“Village”) after he tripped and fell on a raised sidewalk slab, likely caused by tree roots underneath the sidewalk, sustaining injury. The Village filed a motion for summary judgment alleging they owed no duty for a de minimis condition, and, in the…

Florida Supreme Court Streamlines Process for Admission of Business Records Under the Hearsay Exception

The Florida Supreme Court recently issued an opinion in Jackson v. Household Finance Corporation III, 236 So. 3d 1170 (Fla. 2d DCA 2018) resolving a split in authority regarding the amount of proof necessary to apply the business records exception to the hearsay rule.

New York Anti-SLAPP Law No Longer Just a Slap on the Wrist

In April, 2020, we reported on the anticipated passage of Senate Bill S52, which sought to broaden the scope of New York’s anti-SLAPP laws.  On July 22, 2020, the New York State Senate and Assembly passed the legislation, and it now awaits Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature.  If the Governor signs the legislation, it will go into effect immediately.

Illinois Case Law Update

Bryant et al. v. Compass Group U.S.A., Inc., Case No. 20-1443
Christy Rios v. Bayer Corp. et al., Case No. 125020 and Hamby et al. v. Bayer Corp., et al., Case No. 125021
Mary Lewis et al. v. Atlantic Richfield Co., et al., Case No. 124107

Florida Court of Appeal Reverses $25M Nuclear Verdict in ‘Spice’ Related Car Crash

In 2018, a Leon County jury awarded the families of three motor vehicle accident victims $37 million in damages in a wrongful death suit. The victims were killed when defendant Chrostopher Generoso, who was under the influence of a synthetic marijuana product, also known as “spice,” crashed his car into the victims’ vehicle. The wrongful death suit named both Generoso and DZE Corp., the manufacturer of the synthetic marijuana, as defendants.

Florida State Court of Appeal Rules Public Utility Company Not Liable for Nursing Home Deaths During Power Outage

On May 20, 2020, the Fourth District Court of Appeal for the State of Florida affirmed a circuit court decision dismissing defendant Florida Power & Light Company (“FPL”) from a lawsuit alleging negligence and strict liability claims. Plaintiff Christine Cooper, who was a resident of the defendant skilled nursing facility, Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, LLC, in September…

New York’s Highest Court Deems Certain Gig Workers “Employees” Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

On March 26, 2020, the New York Court of Appeals issued an opinion, holding Postmates food delivery drivers, and potentially thousands of other “gig” or “app-based” workers, are employees and not self-employed independent contractors, thus entitling them to certain benefits such as unemployment.

New York State Looks to Broaden anti-SLAPP Statute Adding Additional Tool to the Defense Litigator’s Arsenal

Anti-SLAPP statutes provide procedural mechanisms to deter meritless lawsuits meant to chill speech or petitioning activity, otherwise known as “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” or “SLAPP” suits.  In essence, these lawsuits are used to burden the defendant with the cost of a legal defense until the defendant abandons whatever speech gave rise to the lawsuit.  In response to these types of lawsuits, many jurisdictions…

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