Alice Segal - Associate

Alice Segal is an Associate at Tyson & Mendes’s San Diego office.  She is a member of a multi-attorney litigation team defending entity defendants in lawsuits involving sexual torts.  Ms. Segal has worked in civil litigation defense for over five years.

Ms. Segal has extensive practice with all stages of litigation both as a primary file handling attorney and as a law and motion research attorney.  Ms. Segal has experience arguing before the California Courts of Appeal.  She has also proven effective preparing and arguing diverse motions including motions for summary judgment, anti-SLAPP motions, discovery motions, demurrers, motions to strike, motions to quash, and motions in limine.  She has obtained dismissals for several of her clients’ cases in the early stages of litigation and saved other clients significant expense through the litigation process. She has applied careful evaluation and expertise to all aspects of the trial preparation including exchanging initial discovery, taking and defending depositions, reviewing medical records, and preparing expert witnesses.  She is also a skilled trial attorney.

Ms. Segal obtained her J.D. from the University of Southern California in 2012, where she served on the Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice and published an article with the paper.  She obtained her B.A from the University of Chicago in 2009 with honors.  She double majored in Environmental Studies and History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine.

Outside the office, Ms. Segal enjoys staying active and outdoors.  She loves running, hiking, camping, bird-watching, archery, and soccer.  For leisure activities, she finds herself relaxing at home, keeping the peace between her cats and birds.

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Arizona Case Law Update

Dignity Health v. Farmers Insurance Company
When Bethanie Elliott, was injured in a car accident, she received medical services from Plaintiff Dignity Health, doing business as Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.  The medical services cost in excess of $160,000. As a result, Dignity Health perfected and recorded a health care provider lien for more than $140,000.  Without regard for the…

Arizona Case Law Update

Normandin v. Encanto Adventures, LLC.[1]

Factual and Procedural History

Marcie Normandin sued Encanto Adventures, LLC. and the City of Phoenix for a broken ankle and injured arm, which she received when she stepped into sprinkler head divot.  Encanto Adventures, LLC had a licensing agreement with the City of Phoenix through which Encanto Adventures was permitted to build and maintain children’s rides and an amusement park in an area within the larger Encanto Park, known as Picnic Island.  The amusement park, known as Enchanted Island, was a fenced-in and contained area within Picnic Island.  In addition to Enchanted Island, the agreement with the City also permitted Encanto Adventures to use an unfenced part of Picnic Island next to Enchanted Island, which was known as the “piñata area.”  Encanto Adventures maintained the piñata area by “patrolling, maintaining, inspecting, preparing, and grooming the grounds.”  However, the area was kept open for the public to use.

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