Attorney Spotlight: Priscilla O’Briant

Attorney Spotlight: Priscilla O’Briant

Have you heard about Priscilla O’Briant? Get to know this Tyson & Mendes’ Las Vegas Partner. Priscilla brings over 15 years of experience primarily focused on insurance coverage litigation, specializing in claims and lawsuits arising from first-party coverage disputes.  She has a deep understanding of insurance coverage to our flourishing client base in Nevada. Priscilla has a deep knowledge defending insurers in bad faith litigation and is often advising insurers on the duty to defend and claims handling under Nevada law. Learn more about Priscilla and her decision to join Tyson & Mendes below.


T&M: Tell us about your legal background? 

PO:  I began my practice in complex construction defect litigation.  Insurance coverage was at issue in nearly every case, and I found the topic interesting.  After two years, I moved into a position focused on providing coverage opinions to insurers related to construction litigation.  From there, my work expanded into first party coverage and bad faith litigation.  Here, I continue to work on coverage issues for our clients as well as defending insureds in litigation.


T&M: What drew you to Tyson & Mendes?

PO: Tyson & Mendes has a clear vision and a strategy for achieving its vision.  The strategy and tools provided to T&M attorneys set a clear path for success.


T&M: Compared to other firms you have worked for, what makes Tyson & Mendes so unique?

PO: I cannot choose one thing.  There is an amazing culture of collegiality and collaboration.  Additionally, the ongoing education and training provided is top notch – allowing its attorneys to constantly achieve a higher level of performance.


T&M: Tell us about your most significant or challenging trial win? 

PO: My greatest source of pride in my practice has been my success in obtaining summary judgment on bad faith claims asserted against my insurance clients.  It requires an extremely fact specific and detailed defense, but effectively limits the insurer’s liability to contract damages.  Once we succeed on the bad faith claims, the cases nearly always resolve.


T&M: How do you think your previous experience at a major accounting firm prepared you for working in the insurance defense industry? 

PO: I was involved in various (non-accounting) areas, performance improvement, marketing, relationship management, etc.  In each role, success required being able to effectively communicate.  Development of communication skills early in my career definitely helped prepare me for being an attorney where our primary job is communication and persuasion.


T&M: If you were not a lawyer, what would you be? 
PO: I always joke and say I would be a career student, but in some ways, as an attorney, I am a life-long student.


T&M: What has been the best professional advice you’ve ever received? 
Build great relationships with your peers.


T&M: If you could travel anywhere – all expenses paid – where would you go? 

PO: I’d take a boat tour through the Amazon rain forest.


T&M: Where are we most likely to find you on a weekend afternoon?

PO: Poolside!


T&M: Have you been enjoying any new books/shows/podcasts that you’d recommend?

PO:  Podcast – The Tim Ferriss Show.  Wide ranging interviews with interesting guests – and always a positive tone and takeaway.   Show – 1883. The series is a prequel to Yellowstone and tells how the Duttons came to own the land which becomes Yellowstone Ranch.

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