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Environmental & Toxic Tort

TYSON & MENDES LLP has experience representing oil and chemical companies in the Western United States in toxic tort and products liability actions involving claims for personal injury and wrongful death. Cases typically involve numerous claimants, but have defended single plaintiff, single defendant cases as well.

The source of the chemical exposure can be a worksite, a consumer product, a landfill, a manufacturing facility, or a general environmental release. The chemical products include various solvents (e.g., benzene or chlorinated solvents), gasoline and its constituents; motor oils, other lubricants and specialty motor blends and additives; heavy metals such as arsenic and vanadium; agricultural chemicals including pesticides such as 2,4 D; and fibers (e.g., asbestos) and silicates. We have also developed expertise in the field of indoor air quality and “sick building” syndrome.

While TYSON & MENDES LLP has been successful resolving cases at an early stage through dispositive motions, specific litigation strategies mirror our clients’ needs.

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