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Tyson & Mendes Seminar

Tyson & Mendes’ strives to create dialogues within the legal industry which lead to better and more robust relationships with our clients and fellow attorneys.  One way we do this is by putting on seminars targeted to educate, engage, and entertain insurance and legal professionals.

“In the last 30 years of claims and legal seminars, this was the FIRST TIME I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF A PRESENTATION!!  It had everything to do with the Tyson & Mendes team.  Kudos to your firm in making it entertaining and educational at the same time!”
-Debra J. Anderson, Claims Supervisor – Corvel Corporation


For more information on our Seminars, please contact our Marketing Director, Linda Rubio at  858-263-4116 or lrubio@tysonmendes.com